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Discussion in 'Mods' started by joyous.ariella, Dec 12, 2016.

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    Welcome :)
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      Finally after nearly giving up on my mod this guide shows up and I got it working! Only issue is that one of the songs doesn't play after a screen transition. Still a lot to work on but I will keep messing around with it. :)
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        I just went ahead and was able to change the most annoying (chest & door) sounds! It did work great, I just wish you had covered the most important item from these steps a little more carefully.
        Step five stopped me, how do you open New.xap in XACT?? You failed to mention (or include in the package) the XACT program. Unfortunately, took me 5-6 hours of trying to find this program. I even downloaded Scott browning's XACT, which had no .exe or any way to open the file. So after more hours of searching I found you can open it with Microsoft XNA Game Studio (which contains XACT). After downloading that, I got an error saying you need Visual studio 2010 first. So I went and downloaded the latest version, 2017. That didnt work, so i had to find the 2010 version. Finally after all that (about 5-6 total hours) I got it to work. You really messed up not including that information, maybe thats why only about 5 people have even bothered to try.... but at least it does work.
        For anyone else who wants to do this, you need Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, then Microsoft XNA Game Studio, then you can open the New.xap file in stop 5. The rest is pretty easy, just a little time consuming, but someone does have a spread sheet for above for finding sounds. The most important ones for me were the chests (000000a1.wav & 00000142.wav) and 2 other creaky sounds - one a door (00000009.wav & 0000013f.wav). Best quietest sounds are:

        00000053 (Chest close)
        00000054 (Chest open)

        Best of luck!
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          One other thing, I notice that at step 5 when you need the list in order, they dont match up even after sorting them. I had many number grouping other others, like the 11 and 12 were with 111 and 120, and many others like that. But it still worked fine. Also, the best media player I have been using for years is the FREE program 'VLC media player". It plays just about everything audio and video and rarely if ever do i have issues. Its simply the best program out there.
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            If I would want to loop the ingame music does that mean I have to replace some of these sounds with the OST files?
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              I keep having the same issue. were you able to fix it? if so, how?
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                I've used this tutorial several times myself, with no issue, but I noticed something today when I was remaking my sound bank for the latest update...

                On Step 5, after you double click on NEW.xap, where you then see the list of WAV files, I noticed today that the list was only showing 362 files, even after I updated the source path. This confused me, because when I extracted and converted the brand new wave bank from 1.3.32, there were 368 files.

                However, just out of curiosity, I went ahead and built the list that showed 362 files. The resulting file size was much smaller than the vanilla wave bank (383,809 KB as opposed to 396,416 K. I only changed two sounds (to mute the dog, as I have a pet deer instead) so it seemed like a rather large difference for just two changes.

                So, I went back and right clicked on the list of files shown in XACT, selected all of them, and deleted them from the list. Then I right clicked on 'Wave Bank' on the left side menu, and chose 'Insert Wave File(s)' and just selected all of the converted/replaced files.

                Doing that gave me the right total of files and the resulting build gave me a file size quite close to the vanilla. Mine is 396,309 KB and the vanilla is 396,416 KB. The discrepancy there is probably because of the two sounds I replaced.

                Anywho, I thought I'd share my observations here, just in case anyone else uses this tutorial, too.

                EDIT: Disregard the above, sorry. It worked for me once, but then the game crashed every time thereafter.
                But, I found someone who made a new 'NEW.xap' to go with the 1.3 update, and I've had no issuesusing that one.

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                  OOF Thank GOD
                  i was in the middle of trying to do this myself. Thanks for saving me hours of work! :catnod:
                  Now all i need to do is convert my meme music into tracks for this library smh... Here goes endless hours of Smash Mouth and the Annoying Dog from UNDERTALE...
                  If anyone's interested i'll post it on Nexus and here too - once i'm done, I guess.

                  Thanks for bringing this up too! I would have hated to miss out on tracks that I put in!
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                    So stardew Valley 1.5.4 has 404 sound files. But the tutorial's mod file within the "XACT" folder has a "new.xap" project file with 362 sounds. How do I add more sounds?

                    Nevermind, I made the updated .XAP file for all of you to use for free.
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