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    Yes yes I know you've probably heard every problem in the book before but hear me out
    I've been working on a species mod for the past few days in my spare time & have been able to bulldoze my way through problems thusfar, but I've hit a wall that a simple google search won't fix it seems.

    I have gotten to the point where I can make it to the characters panel pretty effectively (yes I do have the species extender) but upon making a character and trying to start the game (with or without tutorial) I'm hit with this error.
    I'm checked the log (here it is: and it doesn't really tell me much besides upload_2019-8-29_16-2-35.png
    which doesn't really point me in any particular direction. I'd love some help here.

    Here's the mod thusfar since that's the problem. Thanks in advance.

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    1. Do NOT use capitals in your file names or racenames itemnames etc etc. Only in descriptions.
    2. .modinfo file is outdated, only use metadata
    3. You hadn't renamed the ai portraits from hylotl to nucleo

    However I didn't find the issue to your problem.

    What I can suggest is using my template

    After running the bat file and renaming it to your race, move your assets to the new mod.
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