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    Posted on Steam, Insta, and the "digital dump", but they hardly got any sort of critique. Just throwing this up here in hopes that I'd get criticism; if not, eh, likes are welcome, too.


    From left to right: a Gorian, a Ragged, and a Brazen.
    I'm already working on a basic mod using a template provided by DrPvtSkittles for Gorians - which I won't go further on due to the PG-13 rule - but if it gets enough downloads/likes I could use the more advanced template to include Gorian NPCs!

    -the following has been copied and pasted from my Steam upload-

    - Gorians are a race of "humans" that are infatuated with gore. It's common to find them talking about their latest kill in every minor detail. Their villages usually are built from heavy stone bricks and decorated with the blood and viscera of other species and furniture is either basic wood or some Floran-made bone (an entry would describe how the Gorians see the Floran as "blood-kin"). Other buildings would be an abandoned hospital housed by terrified Gorian attack victims as well as a "tower" filled with traps. Design inspired by Silent Hill and various disturbing art.
    - Dubbed 'living plushies' by other species, the Ragged are divided into two factions: the Punks led by Stitch and the average Ragged under the rule of Princess PomPoms. Other than the immediate resemblance to the Apex, the Ragged have personalities equal to a standard bright and colorful kids' show: your standard Ragged is always bubbly and beaming with joy while the Punks would be more vulgar and aggressive. Villages for the standard Ragged would be made of Alloyed Felt (or something close to it) and furniture made from felt (or something close to it) while Punks' would be more run-down and appear to be made of cardboard (or something close to it). Design inspired by the dolls everyone loves to hate: Lala Loopsy.
    - A race of living metal statues, the Brazen worship many gods and goddesses and consider themselves superior compared to other races. Their culture, village structure, even names are based on ancient Roman culture (I say this as I have no idea how to describe the materials). Other structures would be a gloomy shadow brick temple designed to worship the "false god" Erichius and its opposite paying tribute to their three major gods Feroze, Aegis, and Viol. Design inspired by the various golden statues in Path of Exile.
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