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    No longer relevant as I made a new mod that doesn't replace Coffee:


    So, I got bored and decided to make a small mod for myself that replaces Coffee with Tea. I updated all the relevant sections I could find.

    ├── Data
    │ ├── CookingRecipes.xnb
    │ ├── mail.xnb
    │ └── ObjectInformation.xnb
    ├── Maps
    │ └── springobjects.xnb
    └── TileSheets
    │ └── crops.xnb

    And, everything works great except for the fact that when I place the 'Coffee Beans', now 'Tea Leaf Cuttings' into the keg. It outputs my new tea(graphics, and text description); only with the item name of 'Coffee'.

    I made a small workaround, by creating a cooking recipe for making Tea, and that works perfectly fine.

    But, does anyone know if I missed anything, or is the output name actually hardcoded for keg products?
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