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Solorian Chronicles bug ps4

Discussion in 'Support' started by Gabzilla420, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Gabzilla420

    Gabzilla420 Space Hobo

    When I enter Sebastians room and trigger the scene for his six heart event he asks me to play the game. I accept and can choose my class, but after that it wont allow me to choose any other options through the quest but the first choice. So i cant heal sebastian. Which results in a low score. I exited the game and retried multiple times but the issue persists.
    • 'ruka

      'ruka Space Hobo

      I am also having this issue, but on the PC version. I tried all manner of keyboard and controller combinations, and even went about a few extra days in the game without trying to trigger it to see if it was just a certain day in winter, and no luck. This thread and a reddit thread pointing to this are the only things I can find about the bug, but it seems like no one has a work around yet :nurusad:

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