So... is this normal behavior of the Wizard ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Airou, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Airou

    Airou Void-Bound Voyager

    So I was about to head to the traveling merchant, when suddenly I bumped into something. Someone.
    The Wizard. He actually moved away a few steps, then turned TF around and kept looking at my Farm.
    I talked to him and he was like ''Just curious about you''. Well Mr. R. That is called stalking and excuse me, but that is MY mission !
    I was actually kinda freaked out about this, so I googled it, but NOTHING found!:illuminati:
    Please tell me this is ok...:nuruundead:

    Edit : He just came back to stalk again, how ''lucky'' am I !
    This time tho, I actually pressed F12 instead of druck, so I can now provide you with Screenshots !

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    • SunStunBros

      SunStunBros Aquatic Astronaut

      I haven't heard or seen anything like that before. That's pretty cool though if you ask me.

      Can I ask what you play on? I imagine the game wouldn't really differ in certain things from PC to console, but maybe?

      Regardless, the only interaction I've ever had with the Wizard was just gifting him void essences, then building the special buildings. Then byeeee have a great time.
      • Saraneth

        Saraneth Big Damn Hero

        Wow. I've never seen this either. What year/season/day was it, and what heart level are you at with him?
        • Phea

          Phea Big Damn Hero

          Maybe you've uncovered a secret. . . maybe he was secretly casting a spell on your farm . . . :poke:

          Whereabouts did you see him? Was he just wandering around your farm? I've never heard of this either.
          • Airou

            Airou Void-Bound Voyager

            I play on PC, through Steam.
            Yep I was gifting him stuff as well, so I thought maybe he became interested because of that..
            It was year One in winter, Day 19 I believe.
            I'm at 3 hearts with him.

            Have mercy, almighty wizard. :nurusad:
            No he never entered my farm, he was Standing right at the spot you get when you use the south entrance near Marnie's Ranch.
            It just kind of creeped me out when he walked Away when I saw him, and Continued to stare at my Farm. :nurushock:
            After a bit, he went back to his Original position right at the entrance.
            Sure feels bad when Karma hits your Stalking face..
            • Phea

              Phea Big Damn Hero

              I don't think I've ever seen the wizard outside except on town event days. . . that's so weird! Let us know if you see him again.
              • Airou

                Airou Void-Bound Voyager

                I just did.. X3
                Above are a few Screenshots I took. :cry:
                • Saraneth

                  Saraneth Big Damn Hero

                  I've heard him say the bit about townsfolk being afraid of him before (when talking to him in his tower), but that "curious about you" is new to me. Bizarre.
                  • Airou

                    Airou Void-Bound Voyager

                    Yep, I actually added that townsfolk bit only because ofc they'd be afraid of him acting like that. :lod:
                    • Stryder87

                      Stryder87 Giant Laser Beams

                      I've never seen him outside his tower at all with the exception of the festivals or the sewer cutscene. Very weird. Maybe it's a glitch like when your pet or child walks through walls and stuff.
                      • Seismothesaurus

                        Seismothesaurus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        Very interesting! I see you're modded. Any chance that you've installed a mod that changes his behaviour? I don't know of one, personally, but it might exist.

                        If not, and if it's not a glitch, congrats! You may have discovered something we've all missed until now. :)
                        • Airou

                          Airou Void-Bound Voyager

                          That's my guess too, since no one else seems to encounter this. It's just strange because he has valid dialogue when he's there.

                          I have a bunch of Mods installed, but none which changes the Wizard, since I THOUGHT he'd be at his tower the whole time anyways. :disshappy:
                          But it's not anything hidden, really. Spring Year 2 just began and he was already stalking again. :seriously:
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                          • TheRingisHot

                            TheRingisHot Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                            Where is that wizz portrait from, if I may ask? It's fabulous
                            • musical74

                              musical74 Space Kumquat

                              He's stalking Haley! I wasn't aware he went for the cheerleader type...

                              I've only seen him in the tower except when he shows up on a festival, this is news to me.
                              • Stryder87

                                Stryder87 Giant Laser Beams

                                Hmmmm... maybe he has a preview version of the upcoming patch? (j/k... or am I?)
                                Wouldn't that be cool!
                                • Jack Of Shades

                                  Jack Of Shades Pangalactic Porcupine

                                  Take it from me, Wizards NEVER have normal behavior. Also, you're lucky. I'd kill for M. Rasmodius to come visit me. I am a sad sad wizard. :(
                                  • Airou

                                    Airou Void-Bound Voyager

                                    It's Burgers Something :pfff:
                                    Search for Stardew Valley Burgers Portraits, it changes everyones Portrait, even Krobus, the Dwarf and even the Bouncer :lickitung:
                                    Best Portrait Mod! <3

                                    The quiet are always the worst.. :unsure:

                                    Could be, Care to see if you got it too?
                                    That would calm me down so much.. :saywhat:
                                    Would be cool if he gets more interaction, us being pretty much Neighbours :poke:

                                    So True.. :notworthy:
                                    Well geez you can have my Stalking Wizard all for yourself :megusta:
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                                    • Borodin

                                      Borodin Oxygen Tank

                                      Has to be a mod.

                                      Either that, or a late night cheese sandwich.

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