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Discussion in 'Games' started by Xylia, Jun 27, 2017.

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    Seriously, why at this point are people giving Nintendo money for nothing?

    I can understand buying something like a Switch (though I think the pricetag is a bit steep).

    What I do not understand, though, is buying something like the NES Mini, or even worse, the SNES Mini.

    For those of you who don't know, the SNES Mini was announced, and here are the underwhelming stats of it:

    Price: $80 (+20 from the NES Mini)
    Games: 21 (-9 from the NES Mini)

    And it comes with 2 controllers instead of just one.

    So... they expect you to pay $20 more, for 9 less games (the NES Mini was also a ripoff)? I know that Starfox 2 is on the SNES Mini, but seriously. They wanted THIS LONG to release it, instead of doing it I don't know, back during Wii Virtual Console?

    I really do not understand the people who are still supporting Nintendo and their business practices. They are Anti-Consumer (they would care more about delivering games to you easier instead of trying to milk that cow for all she's got otherwise), they are Hypocritical (they claim to be wholly against emulation, but yet they steal things like the NES ROM Header formats, and these Mini gadgets are emulators themselves) and they are outright purposefully delivering an inferior product (the NES Mini can be jailbroken to hold hundreds of games which it will happily read&play if you do it right, so they limited it ON PURPOSE).

    And after all of this, people are STILL hyped for the SNES Mini.

    Know what you could do instead? Buy a Retropie. You don't need a fancy case or anything, you just need one half decent USB controller (at least it'd have a cord longer than 2 feet lol) and a micro-SD card and it would be cheaper than the SNES Mini and it would not only play as many SNES games as you could possibly want to throw at it, but NES, Genesis, Gameboy, Gamegear, you name it, it'll play it.

    I mean, sure, a Retropie takes a little setup and you might wanna get it a little box or something to put it in (since it is shipped bare-bones circuit board only), but a little work would get you a vastly superior product from people who really do care about gamers and gaming, unlike Nintendo.
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    Well... not to support piracy ... but you could play Star Fox 2 (release build) on a SNES emulator, I think I got that one early 2000, and unlike the usual assumption, it was indeed finished, except for a couple potential bugs. In regards of people giving Nintendo money for such ancient things, I do not think there is anything to be said about it, not trying to defend Nintendo or anything, but do you think it is worth to try to change someone's mind if they are so intent into spending 80 on something like that? anything could be said (mostly bad things) about Nintendo and what they are doing, but it is the consumer that has allowed it.

    Or maybe they have no idea you can... download and play all snes games on any PC...
  3. Xylia

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    I would think by now, with all of the videos floating around on Youtube, people would know at least about the Retropie as it is brought up so many times when talking about the NES (and now SNES) minis and all of the flaws with the E-Shop.

    I don't support piracy either, but yet there's a line between Piracy and just wanting to play games without being ripped off. If the games are reasonably accessible in a format that is convenient to use and reasonably priced, then I would support it and I would say that people should not be using emulators to pirate said games.

    However, E-Shop and these mini devices are not "reasonably accessible" (they are not produced enough to meet demands, and they are very limited and do not feature the majority of the games library and in E-Shop's case, forcing players to pay for the same game multiple times is ridiculous) and are not reasonably priced whatsoever.

    Until/Unless Nintendo comes up with a better system, I'm going to say that Emulation is the only reasonable way to play NES/SNES games. That, and since Nintendo stole the NES ROM Header format without permission, I'm going to say that they're no better than the Emulation "pirates" they berate.
  4. Corraidhín

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    ehh, Nintendo has been a pirate since its inception, I mean they worked with the Yakuza... anyways!

    I have always used roms for most of Nintendo games, because even when I was a child, finding those cartridges was a really difficult subject, I cannot imagine exactly why their methods are so ruthlessly inneficient, force people into buying and paying exorbitant prices? making their own products hard to acquire really creates an artificial demand, hooking people into their products and forcing them to spend way more than they should.

    It is methods like these that give way to piracy in the first place, and its piracy and datamining that gives way to the development of indie games (in some cases).
  5. Xylia

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    This is basically one of the points I was trying to make, yes, that Nintendo complains about Piracy, but yet do the very things that causes people to be pirates in the first place.

    Pirates are pirates because they either A). Do not believe your product is worth the asking price and method of acquisition, or :cool:. Want the product but can't get it due to various reasons.

    Nintendo LOVES drumming up hype, but only manufacturing a very limited number of units. This leads to demand vastly overcoming the supply. But unlike physical tangible goods, electronic goods can be copied and distributed for free. It is, of course, illegal to do so, but people don't care.

    I think the financial people at Nintendo are thinking "higher demand = people want our stuff = people will pay more to get it = more money for US!" or "higher demand = people want us to make more games = more money for us!" but what they don't seem to understand, is that this piracy problem they have, is one of their own making.

    I do not condone piracy, but yet I wholly understand it. And of course, not EVERY pirate is one because of these reasons, as there's the group who pirates stuff just because they want it for free, and I don't condone that whatsoever.

    I do emulators and ROMs, and by definition, that makes me a pirate. But you know, I would gladly pay a reasonable price to have the goods delivered to me in a way that is accessible, user friendly, and just plain good.

    You know, if Nintendo would create an online account-based system like Steam that you could register hardware to, but also have PC software, they would make a crapton of money. They could basically print money with something like that, if they priced their items right and made their software easy to use. But no, Nintendo has this... thing... against PC. They seem to hate PCs and the PC gaming world.

    The best way to "kill" piracy is to beat them at their own game. Make the stuff legal, make it available cheaper/easier than pirating it, or at least comparable, and you'd find that people who were pirating it are suddenly buying it legitimately. Yes, it might mean making games available for $1-5 which is cheaper than the $5-10 they want, but you know what? What you lose in cost of individual purchases, you would make up with the volume of purchases. It would simply be a better business practice, and it would improve their image as well as open up new markets that they have, as of yet, left untapped.

    IMO, they should stop making consoles and focus on handhelds. The Switch does not compete with the PC, nor the PC with the Switch. The switch is portable and easy to use while PCs aren't, and laptops that can handle gaming are prohibitively expensive and far more bulky and unwieldly to actually use for such purposes.

    I don't get why they don't just go whole-hog, jump into the PC market, and start releasing their games on PCs and handhelds both. I bet a lot of people would buy not only their games, but also the handhelds and they would still make lots of money AND they would gain customers who would happily buy their games but not the handhelds who decided to instead turn to piracy. They would simply make more money.
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    On the subject of PCs... I have no idea, we could speculate for ages and never find the answer. But I wholesome agree to everything you have just said, they would be far better if they actually made a decision and followed one path, rather than this bloody mess they have made their costumers go through.

    Also, on the matter of console/handheld system, I have had such an issue with them; I have a 3DS XL, and a Wii U I acquired recently, both have their own systems to register games to, rather than one system that recognizes both... so, what do I have to do to fix this? a really annoying fix of theirs that involves syncing both consoles, changing contact information, blah blah blah... all a bunch of useless rubbish that should not be necessary in the first place.
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    I simply chose not to buy any of their games save one (Blaster Master Zero, which I know the 3DS version is superior to the Wii version because of a pixel rendering problem with the game).

    No issues for me! lol but then of course Nintendo ain't making any money off that.

    Though I might buy the Metroid thing when it comes out. Might. I'm undecided on that. I don't really like the way they handled the AM2R thing.
  8. Corraidhín

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    I was very tempted to buy Other M, but... you need a Wii controller to play it, which I have... but its been on its box for over 10 years now, I dont feel like finding out it doesnt work, and I do not want to buy another...

    But hey, at least their GCN games were awesome... oh right! thats another issue with their E store!

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