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    Hello everyone, new to this community! Been hard at work creating a framework for a unified Mod Options tab built into the main menu. It's now in beta any modders who are interested. SMAPI required.


    The goal of this Framework and its accompanying mod is to allow modders to give users easy access to their mod's configuration, all without touching config files, or fighting other mods for screen space. The StardewConfigMenu mod handles the display of all modsettings which has a simple UI for users as well as a simple framework for modder access and manipulation. I'm looking for feedback and suggestions!

    Github Link -- Nexus Link -- Wiki Link

    Included in this version:
    • Category Labels
    • Buttons
    • Checkboxes
    • Plus/Minus Steppers
    • Dropdowns

    Notably missing from 1.0
    • Sliders
    • Centralized saving/loading
    For most mods this release will have more than enough option types, but more will come.

    Regarding saving: Saving user preferences will have to be done mod side for this release. In 1.0 saving will be simpler and centralized into the framework.
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