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Discussion in 'Mods' started by ClxS, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Glitchface

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    I found an editor and took care of it, worked perfect, thank you
    • ao204

      ao204 Space Hobo

      Hello, i've got a problem, there is an error of farmhouse_redone in my mods, my character now is summer on 3rd year, i tried seasonal garden farmhouse, but fail on farmhouse_redone.
      Here is my log :
      Thanks before
      • Eros DkAl

        Eros DkAl Subatomic Cosmonaut

        It's not recommendable to use Farmhouse Redone because it is not properly updated and doesn't work well with SDV 1.4.
        • ao204

          ao204 Space Hobo

          Ahh, i see.. thank you so much for telling me this information.
          • sammiches

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          • Pathoschild

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            This thread is no longer maintained. Please see Modding:Help for the best places to get help!

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