RELEASED [SMAPI] Natfoth's Mods (Stamina Regen, Weather Controller)

Discussion in 'Gameplay Mechanics' started by natfoth, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. DieWanderRatte

    DieWanderRatte Void-Bound Voyager

    Doesnt work for me with the new version of the mod installer 40
    • cankersaur

      cankersaur Big Damn Hero

      When I try this, it just says "unknown command."
      • SmibbyDibbler

        SmibbyDibbler Space Hobo

        It isn't working for me. I have the dll in the mods folder and the configuration in the root folder. When I run the modding api it doesn't even show up in the console as being run. And in game the energy doesn't regen at all. Any thoughts?
        • ventuswill

          ventuswill Void-Bound Voyager

          Im having the same problem as the person above
          • Roberius

            Roberius Void-Bound Voyager

          • DrakonKabz

            DrakonKabz Space Hobo

            I`m using the SMAPI ver 4.0 and Stamina Regen dont load
            • MelinCantrit

              MelinCantrit Space Hobo

              Hi, I'm having a little problem installing the mod. I have installed ModdingAPI 0.40, and I placed the mod in the "Mods" folder and when I open "StardewModdingAPI.exe"
              this messages pops up:


              Also, in the link is the current state of my Stardew valley content, so if I missing something for the mod to work please tell me.

              • Englie

                Englie Void-Bound Voyager

                Is this mod updated yet? Would be awesome if its updated! ♥
                • Kashii49829

                  Kashii49829 Void-Bound Voyager

                • Popori

                  Popori Void-Bound Voyager

                  This mod isn't working for me.. It says in the cmdbar that there's a problem with manifest.. the rest of the mods work fine, I have the latest SMAPI.
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                  • The22ndFarmer

                    The22ndFarmer Space Hobo

                    I dont understand how to download this, please help
                    • KotokoGoko

                      KotokoGoko Seal Broken

                      It doesn't work for me>_< It says its ignored because its missing a manifest file or something..
                      • XStasie

                        XStasie Void-Bound Voyager

                        manifest is missing :/
                        • General_Durandal

                          General_Durandal Big Damn Hero

                          Does this still work?
                          Can I make it snow/rain during events?
                          • AmyRachaelNapier

                            AmyRachaelNapier Void-Bound Voyager

                            Hey, Just downloaded this as I need to make it sunny for Elliott's birthday, but I'm just getting "unknown command".
                            Anyone got the manifest?
                            • scorchristian

                              scorchristian Space Hobo

                              Please help me, I keep getting "[09:41:49 ERROR SMAPI] Skipped StaminaRegen because it doesn't have a manifest." What am I doing wrong???

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