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Bug/Issue SMAPI install issue

Discussion in 'Support' started by Empireo, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Empireo

    Empireo Aquatic Astronaut

    Not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but me and two friends wanted to play Stardew toghether with the Mutiplayer mod.

    For two of us it works perfect, but today we wanted to install everything on our friend's pc and on any more or less new version of SMAPI (1.9 beta, 1.8, 1.7, etc) He always got this error message (seen in the image).

    We have found absolutely 0 infromation on how to fix this anywhere and i thought maybe here somebody knows how we could solve this issue or anything that could help.

    -Official multiplayer coming this year ? -

    Anyways thanks and have a nice day. (Sorry for bad image quality, screenshot was not possible)
    • Empireo

      Empireo Aquatic Astronaut

      Could this be related to .NET frameworks ?
      • Rexje

        Rexje Star Wrangler

        Yep, it is. The function that's missing appears to be part of the .NET 4.5 platform. Perhaps it is not installed on the target system.

        There are two ways to solve this:

        1) Install manually. That's a lot easier than it sounds! I linked to the instructions, but just to be clear:
        • Download SMAPI. v1.8 for stable builds (usual), v1.9Beta for the Stardew Beta branch. If you don't know what a beta branch is, or you're not sure whether you're on it, you're not on the beta branch. :p
        • Open the ZIP file you downloaded. Find the "internal" folder, and then the "Windows" folder.
        • Copy what is inside the internal\Windows folder, and put it where you installed Stardew Valley. So now you have "Stardew Valley.exe" en "StardewModdingAPI.exe" in the same folder.
        • Profit!
        2) Install .NET 4.5 or up. There's no harm in this, and some games will want to do this. Download the installer in the link (4.6.2) and follow instructions. :)
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        • Empireo

          Empireo Aquatic Astronaut

          Yes thanks!. We updated the .NET framework on his PC and it installed SMAPI yet we never got the multiplayer mod to work and we gave it up. But since yesterday i have a new issue with the other friend mentioned wich i will post in a new thread.

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