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Customise the final prices of Artisan Goods

  1. ThatNorthernMonkey

    ThatNorthernMonkey Aquatic Astronaut

    Adjust Artisan Prices

    Just filling a little mod request from the forums. Using this mod you can adjust the final prices of all of the default Artisan Goods in the game. The argument for requesting this mod is that the prices are too unbalanced / overpowered - but you can go either way (decrease *or* increase in price).

    Disclaimer: Always back up your save! An this mod needs some testing, there will probably be bugs to iron out :)



    SMAPI 0.39.6
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    How To Use

    On first run a config.json file will be created in the same folder as the mods dll. Edit the config file values to adjust the prices as you see fit.

    Please Note

    The values of the Wine, Juice, Pickles and Jelly are price increases based on the item you put in. E.g.,

    Cranberries Jelly
    Cranberries, Price: 130

    Default algorithm for jelly is:

    Cranberries Jelly Price = (Cranberries Price + 50) * 2 = 360

    So when you alter the value in the config, the new algorithm is simply:

    Cranberries Jelly Price = Cranberries Price * Config.JellyIncrease


    The other Artisan Goods will be a decrease if you want to lower the price. Algorithm is simply:

    Cheese Price = Cheese Price * Config.CheeseIncrease

    The default values supplied in the config are completely unbalanced.
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    • dsrules

      dsrules Subatomic Cosmonaut

      Man, you never cease to amaze me! Good work.
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      • TheRingisHot

        TheRingisHot Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Is it possible to edit animal product value the same way? It has always bugged me that void eggs are just as valuable as any other egg, for instance

        Also in the requesting thread you mentioned, that prices are set once assigned. Does that mean, if i edit objectinfromation.xnb and start a new game the prices i set earlier will be assigned?
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        • ThatNorthernMonkey

          ThatNorthernMonkey Aquatic Astronaut

          I'm sorry, I don't think I understand the question :) When I mentioned the prices are set once assigned (maybe a confusing way to describe it) what I meant is... when you drop an item into a preserver / keg / whatever, the price for that particular instance of Jelly or Wine etc. is set there and then based on the item and item price. Here's a snippet for wine: the 'dropIn' is the item you dropped in, the 'heldObject' is the item that will come out of the other end. It is created right away and not released until the minutesUntilReady = 0.

          You can edit the prices of the items you can drop inside the machines (i.e., vegetables and fruit) in ObjectInformation.yaml and it will be reflected across the entire game. I.e., the sell to store price of the harvested fruit / vegetable *and* the preservers / kegs (using the aforementioned algorithms in the OP). Changing the value of Jelly, Wine, Juice, Pickles in ObjectInformation won't do a thing however. Starting a new game doesn't really matter with regards to editing values in ObjectInformation, the changes will reflect in all of your saves after a game restart.

          I hope this has cleared a few things up, if it hasn't answered your question some place in there feel free to ask again :)

          Edit: and you can just straight up edit animal produce in your ObjectInformation as the price is set there, and as far as I can remember not altered anywhere else during the game.
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          • TheRingisHot

            TheRingisHot Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            Thank you for your quick answer!

            This was exactly what i wanted to know, thank you once more. Regarding the assigned price, yeah, i got you wrong there, but your post explained it well.
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            • Ankou

              Ankou Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              You are actually amazing, thank you so much for making this!
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              • ThatNorthernMonkey

                ThatNorthernMonkey Aquatic Astronaut

                btw, if anyone plays with this extensively and tweaks it.. submitting profiles that I could include in the base mod would be excellent for people who want to adjust their difficulty levels without playing about with numbers :) if you hit that sweet spot, let me know!
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                • Norfuer

                  Norfuer Orbital Explorer

                  Does it allow you to set prices for products made with silver and gold crops? Because that would make it perfect. It just makes no sense that the quality of wine is the same regardless of the quality of the grapes, when the fact is, grape quality greatly affects the wine that's produced.
                  • ThatNorthernMonkey

                    ThatNorthernMonkey Aquatic Astronaut

                    Unfortunately not, to add such a thing you'd need to have access to code inside the method I pasted above. In short, you cant really. It'd be nice if at some point in time, someone went and re-implemented all of the default artisan machines from scratch. Could remove the native machines crafting recipes and really improve / advance the default machines. :)
                    • Norfuer

                      Norfuer Orbital Explorer

                      So it's not moddable...? That's too bad. Though I guess someday, it could be done... I'll be looking forward to it. In the meantime, though, I should probably top up on kegs. I have like, only three so far, haha. :3
                      • fmydog

                        fmydog Void-Bound Voyager

                        THANKs, I just added this to my hardcore mod thread. I gave a nice loud shoutout to you! This mod really completments my hardcore mod. My mod decreases all prices except artisan goods by 60% and makes crafting items 60% more mats needed. Monsters also have +50% HP and +30% dmg. With your mod to balance out the artisan goods we can make the game even harder :p This is fantastic!
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                        • knittingmachine

                          knittingmachine Void-Bound Voyager

                          When I try to run this mod I get an error saying it won't run because there isn't a manifest file. Any idea?

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