RELEASED [SMAPI 0.37+] 15.03.2016 Social Editor Menu with NPC Locations - Thanks to hitachihex

Discussion in 'User Interface' started by montana123, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Webmetz

    Webmetz Space Hobo

    Can you make a warp to NPC location option?
    • Yammy

      Yammy Poptop Tamer

      This is so helpful. Probably not going to use mods but saving for the future in case I do :)
      • cantorsdust

        cantorsdust Phantasmal Quasar

        Yeah I'm not sure what's causing the config issue. The first time it's created it does successfully set MenuKey to "Z" and CheatMode to true. The second time it's run, it sets MenuKey to null and CheatMode to false. For now, setting MenuKey to any inapproprate string, like Z without quotation marks, will cause the mod to run on its internal defaults, "Z" and true, respectively. The config code I used is the exact same as in all my other mods--I'm not sure why it's not working.
        • Lucawsc

          Lucawsc Space Hobo

          For me It's working.

          1)Open config.json

          2) Change default settings to:
          "MenuKey": Z,
          "CheatMode": true

          3) Set config.json to read only.
          • alinelrene

            alinelrene Void-Bound Voyager

            It doesn't work with SMAPI version 0.39.2 (I have created the manifest.json correctly but still not working).
            • Glagroon

              Glagroon Void-Bound Voyager

              @alinelrene cantorsdust fixed it somewhat.

              Better read the posts on this side to see what the somewhat involves. :)

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              • Silhouette88

                Silhouette88 Yeah, You!

                So has this been discontinued? :lod:
                • krakau

                  krakau Big Damn Hero

                  it works but everytime i give heart points, the menue randomly scrolls down. thats annoying
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                  • Spazbane

                    Spazbane Void-Bound Voyager

                    Has anyone ever noticed that talking to a "busy npc" (e.g. jas when she's skipping rope, shane at jojomart, gus at the bar counter; there is only ever 1 dialogue option and the speech bubble mouseover never goes away) will only give 10 points instead of 20, and even when you talk to them later and finish the normal dialogue, there's no further increase? Just wondering if this is normal game mechanics that everyone gets or if it's just me...
                    • Netrve

                      Netrve Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                      So, following cantorsdust and using his dll, I went on to fix some of the bugs that people described in this thread. This includes the resetting config and the menu jumping.
                      I hope it works now, on my end I wasn't able to reproduce those two bugs anymore. If any of the preceding mod-authors have a problem with this, please PM me. I will take it down if you want to.

                      The config gets generated on the first start, the key for opening the menu is Z and cheating mode is off (false) by default. If you want to be able to change the levels, set CheatMode to true within your config and restart the game.

                      The manifest should say version 1.6.0 and the SHA-1 for the archive is "c16b2255eac0ebf15f306b246b3b6307a1bf9fb4".
                      (This is hosted on my private server. If someone wants me to upload it somewhere else just tell me.)
                        Last edited: Apr 7, 2016
                      • thakyZ

                        thakyZ Cosmic Narwhal

                        @Netrve Does that work on 0.40.0 SMAPI or at least work with the release version before 0.40.0?
                        • Netrve

                          Netrve Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                          It should work just fine, I tested it and everything works like expected. So I would say: yes, it works.
                          • MatchaKureamu

                            MatchaKureamu Space Hobo

                            @Netrve Thanks for fixing! The menu jumping doesn't occur anymore. However, I seem to be incapable of increasing the affection level or did I do something wrong? Is there anything I need to pay attention to?
                            • Zelnite

                              Zelnite Big Damn Hero

                              On the config file change the cheatmode to true.
                              • Kevorwang

                                Kevorwang Intergalactic Tourist

                                Thank you a lot for your work! Now it works perfectly on 1.07 + SMAPI 0.39.6
                                • Shenz

                                  Shenz Aquatic Astronaut

                                  Does this apply for the Steam Versions of the game as well i have been trying to install this with SMAPI 0.40 the past 2 days and it only loads up the Trainer Mod it comes with
                                  • Ghostly Fox

                                    Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

                                    Are you unzipping mods to the mod folder?
                                    • Shenz

                                      Shenz Aquatic Astronaut

                                      Yes to both the one in %appdata% and in SteamApps/StardewValley

                                      SMAPI is only added to the SteamApps Side. Do I need to have it in the %Appdata%?
                                      • Shenz

                                        Shenz Aquatic Astronaut

                                        I figured out what i did wrong :)

                                        Works now

                                        Update so i checked the launch config and it says 2 mods loaded but heres my problem im Pressing Z and what supposed to happen well it aint happening so i am unclear what im supposed to do to fix this
                                          Last edited: Apr 9, 2016
                                        • Ghostly Fox

                                          Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

                                          Possibly dumb question, but does it show this mod as loaded? Is it in a folder with the name of the mod on it, a manifest file, mod file, and config file inside it?

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