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Feedback Sleep = Suspended Hunger Loss!?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Aurakiel, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Aurakiel

    Aurakiel Space Spelunker

    I hadn't actually tested it yet because I'd been busy questing and just logging out when I had to go afk but...sleeping evidently DOES halt hunger decay. I don't know if this is a recent development because I remember reading people complaining about it NOT slowing down the decay last night so I took some screenshots. It's totally a thing or my Glitch is glitched ;)

    If I'm just reporting the obvious, forgive me.

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  2. korda

    korda Pangalactic Porcupine

    I guess if you treat Glitch sleep as shutting down then it makes perfect sense :D
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  3. WelkinDust

    WelkinDust Tentacle Wrangler

    Yeah I figured this out a few days ago. Good for going AFK and not starving at least. I still think we need a pause function though.
  4. Garatgh Deloi

    Garatgh Deloi Master Astronaut

    That sleeping would slow down hunger makes some sense (your less active and using less energy).

    Im not sure about completely stopping it from a immersive perspective, but from a gameplay perspective it makes sense and i would judge that to be more important in this case.
  5. Magpie842

    Magpie842 Seal Broken

    That's nice in a way, as it lets you beam up and go to bed if you need to step away from your computer (e.g. doorbell goes off) for a bit, without worrying about dying from hunger if you're away for a bit longer.
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  6. Aurakiel

    Aurakiel Space Spelunker

    Granted, it's been a while since hunger was a feature in the game but I'm pretty sure if I remember correctly it always worked this way (sleep halting it) because I used to go afk on my ship in a bed without having to worry about feeding myself. I basically ran the test because people were saying it was still ticking down and I didn't think that sounded right. I went afk for an hour after taking these pictures and the hunger meter still hadn't moved while I was in the bed.

    As far as a 'pause' feature goes I just log out to the load screen. When you join game again it puts you right back where you were anyway & the game takes little to no time to load. Finding out I COULD return to the safety of my ship or base and rest without losing hunger while I go afk was/is just an added bonus.

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