Tutorial Skill level based StatusEffects and Crafting

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    Just a note in advance - this is an "as-is" type tutorial. You should be able to look through the files and be able to understand how majority of the functions work your self. This tutorial requires you to have basic understanding of both Lua and JSON.


    So another one of my Mad Scientist Experiments, I wanted to know if there was a way to apply a "Skill level" to the crafting process or at least SE. Disclaimer: I have no idea if you can apply this to objects to read the player who interacts with it todo similar things, I will leave that question to the actual programmer modders.

    This is just a proof of concept mod.
    The concept is pretty simple --> On consuming an item --> Item applies a status effect ---> It reads the resource level of the entity ( skill level ) --> and does an action based on the skill level of the entity.

    In this case I am focusing more on crafting, where based on the skill level of the entity he or she can craft more of an item.

    Example added as an attachment.
    Note you will need a fresh character to test it.
    The item used for testing is "bread2"

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