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  1. Risukage

    Risukage Existential Complex

    Oh, I like this side of him: Big Brother Sebastian. Go get 'em, sweetie, nobody messes with family. :3
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    • Alkanthe

      Alkanthe Oxygen Tank

      ....I think it might've been me who messed with her.
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      • MagicallyClueless

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        • Nostalgia Reflex

          Nostalgia Reflex Poptop Tamer

          I love these comics so much. Sebastian's one of my faves.
          • MagicallyClueless

            MagicallyClueless Black Hole Surfer

            awwww, thank you so much!
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            • Rgbunpro

              Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

              I just started a new play-through yesterday with a new farmer because of the new patch. I'd ask who you think I should go after but...
              • MagicallyClueless

                MagicallyClueless Black Hole Surfer

                u already know who my choice is

                go after who speaks to your heart the most!
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                • MagicallyClueless

                  MagicallyClueless Black Hole Surfer

                  people have been liking this thread lately. i should probably update the OP omg....
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                  • ApertureGaming011

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                    It is your destiny.
                    • Gabaw

                      Gabaw Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                      That second part tho lmao :rofl: Kill 'em Seb. oh s**t what if it was the farmer who rejected her? :rip: game over hahaha
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                      • sugarcane2225

                        sugarcane2225 Poptop Tamer

                        I'm gonna comment on each of them individually just because they made me laugh p hard
                        Erotic Fanfiction: I relate to Sebby so much that it's unbelievible
                        Subassman: But Sebby Subassman is so much better than Sebastian
                        Names: Sebby is asian apparently
                        Yer a Ginger, Arry: Never change farmer gurl
                        Nyoom: kids.
                        False Riches: I mean, he hates all flowers. He isn't very virtuous with so many hated flowers.
                        620 Followers: Ah yes, the most classic ways to gain views. (besides not chasing all the porn blogs away)
                        Boys: I would be like: boi, you just hawt
                        Frog: frogs are out of season. get a owl. (oh wait thats toads crap)
                        Mood Swings: sadly i relate to sebby
                        Secrets: -----------^
                        Siblings: they are still big bbys
                        Daddy's Princess: Im still waiting for Sam's outfit. Still waiting.
                        My Spouse is Better: How dare they insult Sebby
                        Spaghetti: Rip in spaghetti never forgetti
                        Robin vs. Demetrius: Yes I would like to see baby Sebby thank you
                        Nightmare: I don't know what to say
                        SDV Hell: My relationship with all my games
                        The Ultimate Darklord: I read this during class and I relate to the last part
                        Bunny Names: I'm too normal for this world
                        You Mean Everything to Me: uh huh yeah m hm
                        Alex's Thoughts: Good good. Let the gay flow through you.
                        Sebastian gets a Bouquet: Me and my mom
                        True Bromance: Bro
                        Please tell me more: Me at all my friends
                        Fighting as Kids: I mean, if I had an younger sis, our relationship would be like this
                        I Am a Hardworking Farmer: Bro are we like sisters
                        Seb is not an Emo: BUT I AM (kinda (i think (not really)))
                        • SheepMilks

                          SheepMilks Zero Gravity Genie

                          I love all of these omg LOLL
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                          • dwuff

                            dwuff Void-Bound Voyager

                            These are so good X'D
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                            • MagicallyClueless

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                            • MagicallyClueless

                              MagicallyClueless Black Hole Surfer

                              i was reflecting over my older drawings and how hair is done

                              • Minimanta

                                Minimanta Space Kumquat

                                More fluff, always more fluff! 8D
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                                • Rgbunpro

                                  Rgbunpro Cosmos Killer

                                  Jade = mad fluff queen. Also dat sam :rofl:
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                                  • Risukage

                                    Risukage Existential Complex

                                    That last one of Sam will never not be funny. I giggled at it on Tumblr the other day, I'm still snickering now. Forget gel, that sort of thing is gonna require scaffolding. :D
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                                    • Ghostly Fox

                                      Ghostly Fox Giant Laser Beams

                                      The one of Sam reminds me of the few times I went to a con. One of the group I was going with was going as someone with a really vertical hairstyle and didn't want to buy a full tube of hair gel... so I gave him a tube of "permanent hold hair concrete" styling gel that had been in our house since my brother had his attempt at the "rebel" hairstyle phase (he only used it like... three times because he already looks like a hedgehog without it) so it was a couple years old- which I did warn him about, but he said he had used older.

                                      It turns out not only was it a) called "Hair Concrete" for a reason but also that b) they were very serious abut the "use by" date, with good reason. He wound up having to soak his hair for almost five hours just to get it loose enough to cut out the unsalvageable parts because the con was over the weekend and the school we went to had such serious rules against "distracting" hair styles.

                                      Also, Magic draws Sam with the cutest chubby cheeks. He reminds me of a hyperactive hamster.
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                                      • MagicallyClueless

                                        MagicallyClueless Black Hole Surfer

                                        sam is probably that person with the concrete hairgel let's be honest
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