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    This can be a good dungeon instance if it looks abandoned.
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  9. The Squid

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    Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 9.33.44 PM.png
    Made this humble farm for my human character. He farms grapes and makes grape juice for a living
  10. Dharkaron

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    A little base i'm working on for my avikan character.



    Edit: a small update:
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    Its been awhile since I've posted anything here, came back to Starbound and built myself a steampunk train, called The Victorian (kinda looks like The Wanderer from Wild Wild West).
    The Victorian (day).jpg
    The Victorian (night).png
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  17. MrsGuu

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    Beautiful !
    Do you use mods there? I like this plants, wich you took in their houses.:nuruawe:
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  18. TheFloranChef

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    Thanks! Some plants are from the Pixel Goods Store mod. The others are from the Prop Pack.
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  19. Dharkaron

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    Update on my avikan base. I don't know if/when i'll finish it, but... here it is:

    The Base

    The "hub", to let my submarine pass through

    And when it's empty

    Basic and simple wiring
    01.png 04.png

    I tried to build the rest of my base at the ocean floor, but i'm out of idea, and not really satisfied with what i did, so it's on hold for now
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  20. Beatrice

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    I really tried for ages to get a Novakid-Train going. Unbelieveable good job!

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