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Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by TheVulcanKId, Dec 5, 2013.

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    I only got my computer fixed a few days ago so I'm a bit late answering this, but to remove the expansion slots you have to make them invisible in the station console and then build around them, they'll disappear once they're surrounded.
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    Well-done! I quite like what you've made, although the roof of the temple might be a bit too thick in the middle. That's the only complaint I can manage to come up with.
    Good work!
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  7. moremuffin

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    It's unlikely, you'd basically need the same modlist as Pohany which is going to be difficult since he uses a few personal mods. Your best bet is to take a screenshot and try to remake it yourself, filling in what you don't have a with a reasonable replacement from what you do.
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  9. rare_candy_bracelet

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    okay, I gotta gush a little here because?? that is such a novel and cute way to use that limestone-looking rock?? it looks like one of those fancy, Rococo wallpapers! All the materials here are very tastefully and uniquely, really! great work!
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    Heidi Sidescroller's mountain hideaway, with lots of room to grow.

  12. IxFa

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    A simple and wholesome design. I like it.
  13. TheLegendOfPeko

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    what are the red and white blocks called?
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    Here we go again its my new home and my food area also i am building a colony on underground [emoji57][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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    May I ask how do you placed your sail on the fuel latch spot? I got to the part where I could remove and place both things on the ship, but for some reason the sail doesnt want to be in that certain spot.
  16. rare_candy_bracelet

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    You gotta put some some sort of background around that area for it to go down. it's weird i know. ┐(´~`)┌
  17. moremuffin

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    To be perfectly honest, this was a lot easier to come up with a concept for than a steampunk ship ...
    EDIT: Fixed the gardens and made a few tweaks for aesthetics.
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  18. ratkintheoverestimated

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    This is sublime...
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    Work in progress, I've added more already and can post follow ups tomorrow

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    They say the ancient ruins of the old tower on the moon of Azha-I are haunted, that the overgrowth has taken on a life of its own...


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