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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mollygos, Mar 9, 2016.

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    Here is my Farm (i have used some mods such as
    Ali's Flower grass
    Carbuncle Cat
    Galarian Ponyta Replacement (For Horse)
    Mizuki's Seasonal Foresty Farm Buildings
    Horns as Headgears (Both Versions)
    Babies take after Spouse v2
    ~Custom Critters~
    Eemie bees
    pastel butterflies
    variousspecies butterflies)
    I would like some advice about my farm such as more things i can do with it (layout wise and anything else), interier decorating etc., The last attachment is full view of my farm but loaded strangely. I clicked on it and it gives me the full view picture. Thank you
    Ginko_1-13-2020_58947631.png Ginko_1-13-2020_59001097.png

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      Hope you guyz like my Tasting shed with Comedy Bar vives

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        I like your attention to detail! I'm in the same line of thought as you as I hope to build a farm with a more natural look. That said, I've only just bought this game last night so I have a long way to go before I can create a nice farm like yours.
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          So glad you find something to appreciate in a nature-focused aesthetic! It's a long haul, but one of the beautiful things about Stardew is it's very forgiving and there's no right or wrong way to play. That said, if you're interested in a fast/expedient start, there are exhaustive threads on the subject elsewhere in this forum. Best wishes, and whether or not I wind up liking your farm, I hope that what you create pleases you and celebrates the beauty of nature.

          P. S. I've since gotten an iPad and hope to finally create a video once 1.4 is available on iOS, which I plan to cross-post here.
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            Trying the modern medieval theme on my farms


            Tender Heart
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              I think I'm finally happy with my four corners farm.

              [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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                taken on Fall 28th, so no crops.
                1st Shed (left of Greenhouse) = Extra farming plots (garden pots)
                2nd Shed (right of Greenhouse) = Kegs only
                3rd Shed (near Slime Hutch) = Artisan Tools (other than Kegs)
                1st Coop = 2 White Chickens + 2 Brown Chickens + 2 Blue Chickens + 2 Void Chickens + 4 Ducks
                2nd Coop = 6 Dinosaurs + 6 Rabbits
                1st Barn = 4 Cows + 4 Sheeps + 4 Goats
                2nd Barn = 12 Pigs
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                  To use a spoiler simply write [spoiler]content here[/spoiler].
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                    thanks very much, i'll try it right now
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                      hey how do you turn the chairs at the table? i cant figure out how lol
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                        If you're on PC, right click the chair while holding it to rotate.
                        • Kimmy♥️

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                          3rd year of Summer, Hope you like it 1JsXcz-m.png

                          Good Morning:>
                          I Dont know what to put/decorate my sheds:<
                          Screenshot_20200424_125322.jpg Screenshot_20200424_125244.jpg Mushrooms<3 Screenshot_20200424_125643.jpg
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                            One of my storage buildings, this things are great and there is so many customization options.

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                              I took an idea I saw on another website some time ago, then tried to min/max profitability as much as I could by cramming in more sheds and animal grazing/truffle gathering space. I'm pretty happy with it, at least enough so to show it off! Niji_5-3-2020_51386970.png

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