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Bug/Issue Ship bugged after failing to join a server several times

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Fenway17, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. Fenway17

    Fenway17 Intergalactic Tourist

    I have a few mods installed, like Frackin Universe and Enhanced Storage.
    I tried joining a server that did not have the mods installed (or at least I think it was not installed, it might be but if it is then I am not sure why my modded items in my ship got removed).
    It successfully joined, (somehow), but the host disconnected and I was disconnected as well (friend was hosting)
    Friend then rehosts the server but with the mods installed, and I attempt to join several times, each time getting a network exception (this somehow still creates a backup of my shipworld files)
    After several failed attempts I then log in singleplayer. It works, but then I realized that my modded stuff are missing, (you can recognise some Frackin Universe crafting benches that im trying to replace at that time), with many items in my storage blatantly going missing or becoming Perfectly Generic Items.
    And while trying to replace items via spawning them back in, There's 2 weird invisible objects that prevent me from placing things in its place, and Frackin Universe objects were previously in its place.
    I cannot destroy or replace these invisible objects in my base currently, and they are shown below.

    Funny enough my character itself was completely untouched and fine

    1. How do I fix the invisible objects problem?
    2. How do I roll back my ship or completely fix it to its original state? Shipworld.bak files only save from 1 to 3, and failing to join the server somehow replaced all of them with the same buggy ship.

    The spaces in the dirt is where some Frackin Universe Extractors used to be.

    I am standing on invisible Frackin Universe objects that I cannot remove or replace.
  2. Fenway17

    Fenway17 Intergalactic Tourist

    Anyone found a way to fix this? I really want to remove the invisible objects

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