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Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Rosie Stardust, Jul 22, 2016.

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  3. Sir_Djak

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    I will post other versions later
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  4. Yoseiri

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    (This is Milli)

    In game
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  5. Sir_Djak

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    Here's 2 drawings i quickly made today,
    Featuring the Frogg king and the Alpaking
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    My second starbound art
  9. Sir_Djak

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    Holy Molly's Peperonnies Beanies that's so cool!

    I wish i knew how to do digital arts with that level of fancyness :rainbowbarf:
  10. RomadE

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    So I drew some Asra Nox fanart. I used reference.

    Here is the fanart
    "Wretched, Disgusting Non-Humans!!"

    Here are the references I used for the above drawing:
    Zamasu (for the pose)-
    Vegito Blue (for the arms)-
    (I only intended to use Zamasu for the reference to draw parallels)

    I also want to create a DBZ-esque mod for Starbound, so I've been making some sprites for it. Here are some sprites I've been making for it:

    Tonauac punching gif:

    Glitch going KaioKen:

    A bunch of sprites I was messing with:
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    This is absolutely beautiful! Asra Nox is my favorite character, no competition.
    Keep it up!
  12. Tlactl

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    I spent like 4 mins on each doodle. I drew them on Drawception but I don't think a lot of people know what that is
    poison.png ice.png ocean.png mutated.png volcano.png frozen.png
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  13. Tlactl

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    This is a drawing I did of my forum avatar. It's not that great since this is only my second time drawing digitally, my first time drawing an actual living being, and I only spent 30 minutes on it. However, at the same time I am actually sort of proud of myself for making this with a mouse. If I could do this with a mouse, I could probably do much better once I get a drawing tablet. I did this to learn how to use Adobe illustrator and already posted this elsewhere, but I may as well post it here since that's what this thread was meant for
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  15. EnzoTheHuman

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    I drew the heads of the hylotl, novakid, and florans, these were my interpretations of them! starbound.jpg
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