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Discussion in 'Hangout Threads' started by Bacon, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Yup they seem to don't like uptime. :barefeet:
  2. Lachee

    Lachee Existential Complex

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  3. [S]miley

    [S]miley Subatomic Cosmonaut

    i wish to join Master Bacon... C:

    lol don't know if i can still join :p
    been MIA for a while ><
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  4. Prophet of Deception

    Prophet of Deception Big Damn Hero

    As I live and Bacon, Huami! You look as if you have bought all of the tiers of Starbound!
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  5. Thanks for that, looks awesome, just added to the first post! Will get you as featured member in the board when i edit it ^_^
    Also when site is up i may get some space for you host such things without any downtimes or slow servers. 7 days left already? Oh dear, must start working, the scripts are not yet updated it looks going to take longer than expected but, i will manage to get it up even if without the full site (style) ready.
    Heya there Smiley. :lolwut:, if course you can join our sites not up yet but the group is not limited or restrictive, so, welcome! :love:
  6. booglebonzo

    booglebonzo Orbital Explorer

    I've been trying to find a nice group for quite some time! I would love to join if you will accept me. ;)
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  7. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    Wait, does this mean I love Bacon and I love Bacons? :seriously:
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  8. Dust

    Dust Giant Laser Beams

    I Love Bacons Bacon. :DD
  9. I added you boogle! Welcome :love:
    Yes, we're the Bacons. You a Bacon! No, that doesn't mean you're food, it means you're hot. Something like that! :rofl:
  10. Featured Members Updated with some random new ones! :love:


    :paper: Every member that get to this Board, when our community site launches, if you are member there you win a special badge.
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  11. [S]miley

    [S]miley Subatomic Cosmonaut

    i ate alot of bacon today now i shall walk to burn all those calories..
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  12. Let's buy Xbox One and their kinect fitness games, gotta lose that fatties! :rofl:
  13. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    Where's my name? ;-; I always thought I was special. :cry:
  14. I will be updating with new names time to time of people being active around. *_*
    This is just the start :cautious:
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  15. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    I'm active, you should see my daily exercises.

    They're active. :seriously:
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  16. [S]miley

    [S]miley Subatomic Cosmonaut

    but but but..... i cant borrow games D:
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  17. Oups! Buy a ticket to Portugal, and we will do Fitness together in here! :lolwut:
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  18. PS4 ftw, I don't want no low quality Microsoft crap!
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  19. Yes I'm a Sony Fan since it all started, i'm excited to PS4 for the big titles! I don't want to be always upgrading my PC because this next-gen titles, then i use consoles. But it is nice to see they kept the freedom without the DRM, used games, online, etc...

    And PS Plus coming is also awesome, I have till 2015 in my PS3 will have also in PS4, ah well it looks nice to play with my family and friends here in the house ahah *_*
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  20. TheTimeLord

    TheTimeLord Existential Complex

    umm.. Will I get banned if I join the fansite while its testing? :p
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