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    Hi all! I'm here to announce my entrance to the modding scene! I'm currently working on a few mods intended to create a fresh experience with increased challenge and an improved quality of life, in order to create a fresh experience for fans of the game! My initial idea was small but I've expanded my expectations a few times so far. I will try to keep my ideas current! This thread will be a sounding board and hopefully it will gather some support and ideas along the way.

    Released mods
    • QualityofLifeMods - Adds a host of quality improvements to the game.I don't consider these cheats, but they will alter the original game behavior. The focus is on time saving utilities and removing the tedious and maximizing the fun! Fully customizable!
    • UiModSuite - Adds a host of visual feedback and improves a host of in game windows and tool tips. Fully customizable!
    3/20/2017 - Bugs should be posted on the corresponding mods page, but feel free to post here if its more comfortable :). I, however, plan mainly to use this thread for ideas that are in the womb and still in progress. I will update this post soon to remove all the noise so it will act as a better hub to all my content.

    3/28/17 - Beta release of ConfigEditor!

    Config Editor V0.1 - Edit configs in game. Eases the use of altering key binds and provides feedback for key binds that other mods already use. Also allows values to be validated before updating.

    Known issues
    • Can only access first 11 options of any config
    • Scroll bar is a bit wonky
    • No warning after configs are edited that the game should restart for most values to be effected
    • Need to implement text editor to button chooser option and vice versa ( right click )
    • Containers ( objects within objects and lists/arrays ect. ) are not properly loaded
    • Only handles configs that have 2 json objects deep
    • Strings are not propery truncated ( both variable name and values )
    • Does not yet allow to override a key bind to allow for multiple key binds
    • New/load/exit buttons dont disappear until the stardew valley sign has finished pulsing
    • Variables without values always defaults to the text editor

    ** Everything below here will soon be removed and an updated list of current WIP agenda will replace it!
    • UiModSuite(Version 1) - Brings all the best ui mods into one small package. I'm implementing everything myself but will definitely give thanks to any sources that I've skimmed for inspiration! The main idea here is to give useful feedback without going into the details of the games mechanics and without feeling like a cheat! I've seen a lot of mods that get too technical and I intend to avoid that.
      • Display an icon that represents the current days luck - COMPLETE
      • Display experience point gains - COMPLETE
      • Display an experience bar - COMPLETE
      • Display more accurate heart information - COMPLETE
      • Display more information on item mouseover - COMPLETE
      • View calendar and quest billboard anywhere - COMPLETE
      • Display icons over animals that need petting! - COMPLETE
      • Display crop type and days until harvest on mouseover - COMPLETE
      • Display icon when animal has item yield - COMPLETE
      • Sprinkler and scarecrow range finder - COMPLETE
      • Item displays bundle requirements - COMPLETE
      • Display list of gifts already given to npcs and their likeness towards them - ON HOLD

    • ModToolbox(beta) - Just some utilities to help me finish all this that I think others will enjoy.
    • Automatic texture rectangle source builder - Complete
    • Display tooltip for tilesheet data - Complete
    • Automatic options page builder and data loader/saver - OnHold
    • Not part of the mod but I plan to add a bunch of documentation and tips to the smapi wiki... or forums or wherever people are getting their information

    QualityOfLife Controls- NOW CONFIGURABLE
    Z - Summon horse
    V - Fast forward time by an hour
    G - Change how fast a 10 minute tick is

    • QualityofLifeMods(Version 1.1) - Adds a host of quality improvements to the game. These ones I don't consider cheats, but they will alter the original game behavior. I want to focus on time saving utilities and removing the tedious and maximizing the fun.
      • Summon your horse anywhere outside - Complete
      • Fishing will be instant ( minigame will remain ) but time will fast forward as if you waited - Complete
      • horse can now pass through 1 tile passages - Complete
      • allow player to pass time - Complete
      • allow grass to drop without a silo built or if silo is full - Complete
      • roads in your farm increases your speed - Complete
      • allow fish type to be visible once hook is caught - Complete
      • ability to create and move shipping boxes ( maybe not worth the effort but still looking into it ) - OnHold
      • ability to choose how long a 10 minute increment is - Complete
      • Tools can be swapped anywhere - Complete

    • DemiacleSecondPlaythrough(unreleased) - All my ideas for a whole new experience!
      • Improved monster ai
      • additional monsters
      • additional original songs
      • persistent monsters and mine levels
      • bonus sleep buffs
      • farm defense events - grassfire, flood, monster invasion
      • random day buffs - Well rested/Poorly rested/Sick debuff (doctor curable)
      • hp/stam gained from food will recover more but have a cooldown time
      • alternative stats
      • cat/dog will follow/attack mobs and have stats/buffs/eat food ect.
      • expanded forest
      • more road blocks to be unlocked ( think the bridge on the beach )
      • new fish, alternative minigame ( Small changes ), improved chest rewards, bait will be used differently
      • melee weapons removed and scythe will be your main weapon - upgradable in many many ways ( special moves? maybe )
      • many stamina mechanics changes
      • buildable minecart in farm ( probably not possible or worth effort )
      • crafting recipes take more ingredients but all give enhanced buffs
      • all sold items are priced upon market demand ( diversify to improve coin )
      • watercan replaced with a crop enhancer that emparts many effects and buffs to plants - plants can only be watered by sprinkler
      • alternative gift likes for npcs
      • alternative ways to increase barn animal likeness

    // Everything below is deprecated but keeping as a reference for now

    Current Goals
    • Monster Mods - Monsters spawn outside of mines and persist through days. Monsters take different dmg based on tools ie- pickaxe to kill rock crabs and only upgraded can kill harder mobs. Improved ai (if at all possible...). Monsters spawn from cutting clearing trees, shrub, rocks to mix things up. Boss Monsters block some access to promote progression. Rewards for clearing zones. Monsters will not respawn except on certain events, weekly, yearly, or when some goal is achieved stuff like that(undecided - TD elements such as attacking farm objects and animals. Building defenses for protection )
    • Mine Revamp - Mine levels no longer respawn and regenerate. Mine tiles and monsters will persist through days and will not respawn except on certain events, weekly, yearly, or when some goal is achieved stuff like that. Elevator on every level. Increased difficulty for some mobs. Boss floors. (undecided - More dark rooms to make light sources a part of the progression or at least some sort of benefit to using lights, maybe resource req to progress every few levels ie mine scaffolding much like the wood bridge on the beach ). Never drop items on death... too painful I end up just restarting the day. I'm thinking death costs money, gives a debuff. Still anoying but less final.
    • Speed Mods - Boots increase speed and have durability.
    • Weapon/Tool Mods - DISABLE WEAPONS - they are way too op, there was no challenge for me ever on my first play. Weapons are replaced by Scythe! Scythe will do dmg based on a lot interesting variables for example - swords still drop but when placed inside your house on the wall will increas dmg of Scythe. The more unique swords on display the better dmg... it doesnt have to make sense! Scythe and other tool upgrades will be goal based and will not rely on money and ore bars. Scythe will have at least 1 chargeup move and maybe other abilities? Sprinklers completely overpower watering. Watering needs reworking, first off take less time and then I'm thinking some crops take more/less water, must be watered twice a day? Some can be overwatered some only need water once? Sprinklers must be tied together with a pipe tile and water the pipe tile to make sprinklers water? Maybe limit sprinklers to an upgrade... can only place 3 sprinklers but more slots can be bought
    • Cat/Dog Mods - Pet stats and companion to help fight mobs. People like that stuff right?
    • Reputation Mods - Completely change or randomize what townsfolk likes what gift- if done then reveal hints as to what certain people like and allow player to view previously discovered likes. Alter a bunch of numbers to make it feel less grindy... maybe remove gifts completely? or make them harder with more rewards? only gifts on b-day? 100 parsnip per gift but gives a full heart or something? no gifts - Only get rep from talking? Add more dialogue for sure! Have to make SecondPlaythrough feel different! Create new paths( I think this requires xnb ). Limit gift to once a week but double effect.
    • Cooking Mods - Limitation on eating (no more infinite health/energy). Monsters balanced accordingly. Recipes require more ingredients but WAY better buffs (you will WANT to cook!). Still obtained the same way.... maybe? Larger fridge... I mean huge huge fridge... huge....
    • Crop Mods - Seeds must have a linear progression. Must unlock better seeds, maybe increase yield or price on higher tier seeds as well. Some seeds are gained only once and must be only processed by seed maker much like ancient seeds(but create more seeds per crop). Allows player to choice between selling cash crop or producing more next season. It must feel like an advancement to use a new seed. Additionally crops will decrease in demand when selling thus lowering the price the more you sell. This should make you want to diversify your crops and artisan items and will reward changes in harvests. Planting certain crops next to eachother yields bonus or grows faster... maybe? (such realism!)
    • ShopMods - Extra items...?
    • Sound Mods - MORE MUSIC. I'm thinking around 10 new tracks shouldn't be too hard.
    • Secret Forest Mod - Larger forest!!!!!! I was so disapointed when I unlocked this area.... ( xnb only probably ) Hard wood random spawn ON ALL TREES regardless of level. Seriously unfun to farm this stuff without maxing out harvesting.
    • LevelUP Mod - level stat needs to be more impactful. Ideas? maybe revamp the star items and make them more impactful and tie them more to level. More slot machine type bonuses?
    • Barns Mod - Require petting of animals only once per week. Cows/sheep/goat will take longer to produce products but yield multiple products when milking/shearing.


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    • Karmylla

      Karmylla Space Kumquat

      This sounds like a great idea, I'll be waiting for the updates!!!
      • Entoarox

        Entoarox Oxygen Tank

        Many good ideas, I can only hope that you wont get discouraged by the limits of SMAPI!
        • TenkoKuugen

          TenkoKuugen Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          As someone who attempted a complete overhaul of final fantasy 7 before (this sounds similar in scale), I suggest getting something basic off the ground first and expand from there. I will definitely take one or two things from that list for my own playthrough as long as it isn't all dependent on each other.
          • DEMIACLE

            DEMIACLE Space Spelunker

            Thanks everyone for the interest! Just a quick update-

            First 3 bullet points are about halfway done. I'm not sure why but the code for separate monsters is all split up between so many classes its been confusing to say the least, but creating new monsters classes is simple enough besides, I'll probably HAVE to implement my own ai anyways(keeping it basic for now)!

            Finding a way to override the current mine random generator is a bit tricky, doable but he definitely didnt make it easy... generation code is split between classes and methods. I actually just had an idea to split the mine into 2 parts since the code allows for it - Stairs will bring you to the original stardew valley mines and the elevator will be the persistant mine allowing you to progress the way you prefer while providing more content when one zone is complete. I'd like the different mine zones to feel very different somehow if I do decide it this way.

            @TenkoKuugen your completely right, thats why I'm building it modularly and will release parts at a time, and if I do start to lose interest or life hijacks me or whatever I'll be more than happy to halt and open source it for anybody interested but I've set the bar high to challenge myself. The thing is, I've already learned more in the last week working on this than I have in the past 6 months so I'm feeling great! Also how far did you get on your FF7 mod? Righteous effort on that great game!
            • lightsourced

              lightsourced Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              This is an awesome idea! Keep up the great work :)
              • sungho28

                sungho28 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Bump, seems a really good idea. Goodluck!
                • DEMIACLE

                  DEMIACLE Space Spelunker

                  Time for another update!

                  A busy holiday, a few pleasant setbacks and a little sickness and yaaaaaa December is always full of wonderful setbacks!

                  The good news - I just fixed a host of terrible bugs... kudos to Eric Barone but so much hard coupling and mega methods, for shame!! I ended up building a lot of my own structure so things should go smoother from here on out! Obviously things are pushed back a bit, but I'll post an update and screenshots within the next week!

                  Great thanks to Eric Barone and all the people who hacked this mod api, I'm having a great time working on everything!
                  • DEMIACLE

                    DEMIACLE Space Spelunker

                    OK modest update!
                    Going to keep updates weekly now to motivate myself to make up all my lost time... so much was lost these past few weeks and I was also stuck on some implementations as well... but alas I arise victorious! I've decided to change my release strategy just because its way more convenient for me though. I am going to release all my quality of life mods as a pack that should be done within the week, and after that I'll catch up to my content mods I've been working on, I plan on revising my original list tomorrow! Stay tuned!

                    expBarTeaser.png expBarTeaser2.png MapLocationTeaser.png SocialPageTeaser.png
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                    • DEMIACLE

                      DEMIACLE Space Spelunker

                      Ok so I've FINALLY decided how I want to deploy! Hurray! I'm going to update all the details along with a first release on one mod!...

                      It's definitely going slower than I thought but I've been stopping to read a whole whole bunch along they way!
                      • DEMIACLE

                        DEMIACLE Space Spelunker

                        Update with plenty of new features! I'm going to put the last features on hold while I take some feedback so far. I'm going to start finalizing my mod toolbox and quality of life mods updates soon! I'll be updating weekly from now on every monday as well!

                        • DEMIACLE

                          DEMIACLE Space Spelunker

                          Followed up on a request to grow crops on grass, so I whipped one up on a speed challenge - enjoy! Untitled-2.jpg
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                          • Kulturbanause

                            Kulturbanause Phantasmal Quasar

                            Wow this is looking awesome. Especially the UI things

                            Just check:
                              Last edited: Feb 7, 2017
                            • DEMIACLE

                              DEMIACLE Space Spelunker

                              Oh ya, I've been meaning to check those out, TehPers is always talking about some fishing stuff, I'm still stuck on basic stuff like ui and quality of life atm though, but his ideas look solid... the geode one scares me though, they didn't make items easy to mod and messing with that stuff usually leaves a bunch of artifacts which don't play well with other mods, but a good idea nonetheless! Thanks for the links!

                              Small update, I've added a tooltip for modders to find object data within the map. I was sick of looking manually in 6 different places for them (yep 6), so this should help anyone with that, currently part of the modToolbox. Only useful for modders but should make me move a little quicker!

                              • DEMIACLE

                                DEMIACLE Space Spelunker

                                Just a teaser for qualityOfLifeMod... this is probably the main thing that drove me to start modding this game hahaha... Finally got to it!

                                • Kulturbanause

                                  Kulturbanause Phantasmal Quasar

                                  I am just blind ... cannot see what you are reffering to. :catconfused:

                                  AHHH now :p
                                  "horse can now pass through 1 tile passages"


                                  1. The text labels are visible while a Menu is open.
                                  Also think about it to enable the textfields via key or better right mouse key hold like in the famous simple crop label mod. Because your mod is containing the days to harvest and thats not included there.

                                  Also the icons are misplaced for Luck etc. I play zoomed out. Maybe this is the reason.

                                    Last edited: Feb 10, 2017
                                  • Xuomi

                                    Xuomi Phantasmal Quasar

                                    A lot of your ideas are fantastic and I can't wait to try them! I do have a question though; are the mods going to have a toggle option? I only ask because while I love most of your ideas, there are some that I'd rather not have active while playing. Regardless I look forward to seeing how this mod will come along because it seems exciting!
                                    • DEMIACLE

                                      DEMIACLE Space Spelunker

                                      Great feedback, I'll look into those issues, I'm really not sure about the luck icon, Its basically identical code for the icon positions, but I'll double check my work and try to get a new release out in a few days! The positions don't shift if only one icon is active though, if that's what you're wondering but that fix is already on the radar

                                      @Xuomi - All the ui mods in UiModSuite will be toggle-able, meaning the events wont even fire when off just in case they interfere with some other mod or you just want them off, QualityOfLifeMod mainly works in the background and some of the mods have to resort to some nasty tricks that don't toggle well, but I'm open to the idea. The concept is completely different but I know some of those bullet points might interfere with other mods so I'm keeping that in mind, basically if someone requests it I'll put in a toggle if possible, but trying to avoid that
                                      • wutangraiseu

                                        wutangraiseu Master Chief

                                        you're killing it wow, also can't wait for the quality of life part hehe
                                        • DEMIACLE

                                          DEMIACLE Space Spelunker

                                          Monday update, unfortunately I only did some tinkering and reading today but I'll try to spend the rest of the night polishing up everything before I upload new files. Currently lots of good stuff! I'll upload by tomorrow for sure, almost all of the quality of life mod is done and i'll be adding some fixes to the uimod.

                                          Been talk of patches lately so as a reminder I'm testing on smapi 1.7 with SDV 1.11 but if you have any problems the faster I know about them the faster I can fix!

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