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Would you like rival marriages in the game?

  1. Heck yeah!

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  2. Never!

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  3. Dunno, don't care.

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  1. thirdboot033101

    thirdboot033101 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

  2. Feathered Sparks

    Feathered Sparks Big Damn Hero

    Such cuties! I'm afraid I'm not enough of an artist to give a real critique, but I like it ^^

    Yeah, I'd love to see the marriage candidates that you don't pursue get together with one another. It would be a nice touch, and add more of a sense of progression to the world around you! (And tying it back into the fanart, Sebigail is one of my favorite "rival marriage" ships, heehee)
    • MS_NorthEastern

      MS_NorthEastern Orbital Explorer

      The idea of rival marriages is very interesting, as @Feathered Sparks said it would and another layer of progression and immersion. It's fun to speculate and guess about how such a thing might be implemented. Maybe other marriages might only happen after the player gets married, maybe there would be a whole new mechanic about NPC interactions, maybe the player would have to play wingman for some of the NPCs. As a "sprouting" game designer (made three maps in TF2) I find such speculation very Intresting. Any other ideas about how such a system would work?
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      • thirdboot033101

        thirdboot033101 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Yeah, it'd be great if SV could suck me away from the real world more than it already does ^_^ Immersion, how I love you.

        MS_NorthEastern, playing wingman for the other NPCs would be so awesome (just like some of the Clint x Emily scenes, I bet). I'm just worried it won't be implemented because divorce is an option. It'd get pretty messy if you divorced your spouse, then tried wooing a married NPC. Who would the NPC pick, I wonder? How would your behavior affect your relationships? Maybe we'd get another weird solution like 'give your love rival and your love interest amnesia so they'd forget they were ever married'.

        If it does happen though, rival heart events should definitely be a thing. Just like in good ol' HM. I'd be excited to trigger the events for my favorite pairings. If you're not familiar, your love interest and your rival build their relationship around the heart events you trigger. Meaning, if you don't trigger their heart events, they won't ever grow in their relationship.

        Oh! What if you can speed up the relationships of NPCs by doing special story quests that aid their romance? Then they'd get married sooner and stuff. There are just so many possibilities with this idea. Traditionally, rival marriages can be a challenge to the player, as there's a risk that your love interest could grow more attached to your rival than your character. In Rune Factory 2, you can steal the bride during the wedding of your love interest and rival. Also in Rune Factory 2, the future of some of the characters is affected who they marry, which is a pretty intriguing concept. *SPOILER* For example, there's this character named Dorothy, who aspires to be a nurse. If you marry her, she'll realize she's fine just being a housewife. If she marries someone else, she'll follow her dreams of nursing. Incidentally, her husband, while he isn't a marriage candidate, also changes due to her influence. The former badboy character becomes a passionate schoolteacher and raises two children with her. *END SPOILER* With Stardew, ConcernedApe can add some new concepts as well, like canon same-sex marriage.

        Sorry for the accidental essay ^_^ This has been in my mind for a while, if you couldn't tell.
        • rhomboid

          rhomboid 0118 999 881 99 9119 725... 3

          you have a very lovely line style! they're super cute :)
          • thirdboot033101

            thirdboot033101 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            Thank you so much!
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            • sallychan

              sallychan Space Penguin Leader

              Aww!! I love Sebigail <://) This is very cute

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