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    Was just reminiscing Back to Nature...and I thought, if possible, it would be a fun place to add for SDV..more places to go to yey. :catsparkle:

    -Waterfall access to Yoda's spirit? (HAHA). Need more lore.

    -Umm..Underwater cove aka Atlantis? because it dried up :avalilol:; or low tide.. The hidden SDV history! X)

    -Secret Garden...because once the trees die the "natural gate" is gone (could also be for winter...unless you argue that it's covered in snow.) ...(Where M and L go to --- lmao. OR George can be cured ;_;) ;) jk.

    -There's already a lot of caves so instead a lonely island only accessible through a frozen stream of water...just like the Lonely plays music? hehehehe.

    :nuruhype:...not really sure what you can do to these places since there's plenty of space for farming, forage, mining already...maybe just to beautify the place or rare items...etc
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