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    im recently replaying stardew valley for the switch and it is just as good as i remember it. like the vast majority, i’m pretty drawn to sebastian and married him because he’s honestly just so sweet and has the best character development ((haley is a close second, since she’s pretty sweet too and has a major character development in her arc!!)

    currently, i’m in the process of finishing up the pantry bundle so that i can get the greenhouse before wintertime of year2; but i struggle so much with one major bundle: fishing! i’m actually pretty awful at it and would like any advice any of you guys would be willing to give.
    • BentFX

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      You can find lots of fishing tips and discussions with the search function...

      Beyond that, fight to get yourself up to at least level 5.
      Look at the wiki for where and when to find the fish you need.
      AND complete the Specialty Fish bundle as soon as you can.

      Watch the traveling cart. The sandfish and pufferfish are fairly common, in the 600g-800g range. The other two specialty fish are easy if you know where to look...
      The woodskip is in the secret woods, and the ghostfish is on levels 20 and 60 in the mine, or found as a mob drop below floor ~40.

      The reward for the specialty fish bundle is 5 Dish O' the Sea, which gives about a 5 minute minute, +3 boost to fishing.

      The most difficult bundle fish to catch are the catfish, sturgeon and pufferfish. Just be in the right place at the right time, eat a buff, and stay confident. Others like the eel, tuna and tiger trout are kind of squirrely but should go down easy with level 5 and a buff.

      Welcome to the forum!
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      • UnexpectedParole

        UnexpectedParole Phantasmal Quasar

        For starters I suggest getting a trout soup for the +1 fishing right away. it is almost silly how much that extra room on the bar helps in the beginning. once you've gotten to level 1, and 2 the chance to catch fish goes way up. (I find.)

        Fish the mountain lake to start. the easiest fish <carp> hardly moves at all. sometimes you can even get perfects without moving the bar at all. The 2nd most valuable <bullhead> is a smooth riser and is also fairly easy to catch. The chub and large mouth bass are more varied, but they too are not hard to catch after a little while. Work on catching the carp -identifiable by wanting to hang near the bottom- with a perfect catch. That will give you 2.4 times xp. I recommend standing on the southern tip of the eastern island and casting downward towards the log.

        Next I would suggest buying the fiberglass rod and using bait as soon as you are able. The bait increases your strike rate so you will have more attempts
        at catching fish each day, which will lead to more catches, faster experience gain, and thus better fishing levels and easier fishing.

        I also suggest trying to push to level 3 and getting a crab pot or two placing them on your farm right by your fields. Also filling the crab pot bundle is much easier with just foraging off the beach (and a bought crab pot if you don't get a crab from the mines.) than filling the specialty bundle. 4 or 5 crab pots on your farm is easily manageable during 1st spring. The daily boost to your level from emptying and reloading crab pots won't be a ton, but it will add up and help raise your level even if you don't fish that day.

        It is also worth considering just practicing. Start a new farm on the standard map plant the 15 parnsips day 1. After watering the parsnips use your 500 to start to buy two trout soup on day 2 and then fish all day at the mountain lake. Fish all day 3 on the mountain lake after buying a trout soup. Keep selling fish and buy trout soup. Harvest the parsnips and use that money for a rod if you need to. You'll want to buy a fiberglass rod and bait as soon as you are able. Fish a few days on the fiberglass rod with bait and see how it goes.
        See if you can identify which type of fish it is based upon the initial few moments of fighting, and then you'll learn what to expect from each one in the future as well. Check your level and start over on a new farm and try again.

        And lastly, you can also 'exploit' the game and after casting open the journal with the icon on the screen if you want extra practice. While the journal is open time will freeze but fish will still strike. You'll need to click off the journal screen to hook the fish and then proceed with catch as normal. This doesn't help you catch fish, or make them easier to catch, it just allows you to catch more per day. Which increases your fishing level and thus makes the bar wider and the fish more docile.
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        • littlecats

          littlecats Void-Bound Voyager

          I don't like fishing when the skill is low.

          What I do is get the crab pot part of the fish bundle completed and friendship with Linus to 4. Then I use the crab pots with the wild bait that Linus teaches me how to make. My fishing skill is not at level 1 so catching fish with the fishing pole is frustrating but I gain some fishing experience using the crab pots.
          • UnexpectedParole

            UnexpectedParole Phantasmal Quasar

            I don't believe that the wild bait has any effect on the crab pots. It is my understanding that putting regular bait will attract a catch the pot overnight.
            I do know it will help you when using the fiberglass rod to get more strikes per day. But it is 62.5% reduction for wild bait and 50% for regular bait.

            When making wild bait you use 5 bug meat plus 5 slime and 10 fiber to get 5 wild bait.
            regular bait is 1 bug meat for 5 bait.

            if you are only using it in the crab pots it seems to me that regular bit is more than 5 times "better" in cost of materials with no lost benefit.
            • littlecats

              littlecats Void-Bound Voyager

              My fishing skill is only level 1. I can't make regular bait, that's why I'm using wild bait. It's the only bait I can craft.

              Eta. I've only caught 3 carp, 1 loudmouth bass, and 1 chub with the fishing pole, the rest of my fishing XP I've got from the crab pots. I wanted the chub for the friendship bundle that gives the recycling bin.

              I have level 7 farming, level 6 foresting, level 4 combat and mining, and level 1 fishing. I just started fall of the first year on the hill top farm map.
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              • UnexpectedParole

                UnexpectedParole Phantasmal Quasar

                Ah, quite right. I missed that interpretation. Good news is, you'll be able to make real bait soon when you hit level 2. Nice job with the work-around and wild bait though. I had not considered it.

                Level 2 is 280xp more than level 1. At 15xp a day from 3 crab pots (5xp each) you'll be there in 19 days after placing them assuming you harvest and bait all three each day.
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                • Elenna101

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                  BTW, when you do hit level 2, I strongly suggest buying the fiberglass rod and loading it up with (regular) bait. Doesn't make the minigame any easier, but you'll get opportunities to catch fish twice as quickly, so practicing will go faster and you'll hopefully be able to improve faster.
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                  • littlecats

                    littlecats Void-Bound Voyager

                    I don't like the fishing mini game so I don't fish with the pole unless my skill is level 3 or higher. I only fish with the pole when I need money or fish for the fishing bundle.

                    Eta. I pay more attention to my other skills before the fishing skill. Usually year 2 is when I start fishing with the fishing pole.
                    • UnexpectedParole

                      UnexpectedParole Phantasmal Quasar

                      And that is totally reasonable. We're jut pointing out, you can also get trout soup for a plus 1 which makes level 2 an effective "level 3" which should allow you to remaining fishing at level 3 and get to level 3 sooner if you want it sooner. cheers
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                      • rainywriter01

                        rainywriter01 Intergalactic Tourist

                        i’ve been told by a good friend of mine to invest in an iridium fishing rod, but i’m barely at that level to be completely honest
                        • ShneekeyTheLost

                          ShneekeyTheLost Black Hole Surfer

                          The various lures do make it easier, so if you have the ability to obtain an iridium fishing rod, are still having problems with the minigame, and want to continue fishing... it's a pretty good investment.
                          • One More Day

                            One More Day Cosmic Narwhal

                            Adding to what Shneekey said, some of them make fish take the bait faster, but not any easier to catch once they're on the line. One of them simply attracts treasure chests without affecting fish at all

                            The one that makes the biggest difference to actually reducing the difficulty of catching fish is the Trap Bobber. It's also really cheap to craft, much better than buying from Willy, and is also unlocked at Fishing 6, the same time as the iridium rod becomes available.

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