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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by The | Suit, Feb 10, 2014.

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    Starbound New Origins - idea is a complete overhaul of the Starbound progression system. Where you have multiple path's to achieve your goal. Boses are no longer the gate keepers of tiered tech, in-fact the entire tier system it self has been overhauled. With multiple [planned] methods of gaining a new foot hold through starbound.

    You can find the download here:

    The Purpose of this thread is 2 fold.
    The First Major issue is Balancing.
    The drop rate of items - different methods of progression - what you feel could be done better etc. I want to discuss.
    How the current system works is essentially 2 fold. For those people who like exploring - you will find new loot called "data chips" These data chips are used to unlock new crafting mechanics

    The current crafting categories are
    Woodworking \ Stone Masonry \ Crafting \ Engineering \ Survival \ Cooking \ Armour Smith \ Metal Working.

    Within each category there are multiple levels.
    Those levels can either be unlocked via
    • Data chips
    • By crafting a significant amount of items within that category to "level up"
    • Finding a trainer to train you for exorbitant amount of pixels.

    The 2nd Major issue is Content and Help.
    Considering it is an overhaul - it unfortunately is going to be incompatible with many, things.
    The good news is creating a compatibility fix is fairly easy. It generally involves only editing 2 files. The Mod Info file and the player.config. If you would like to help bring more content to SBNO please feel free to leave a message or PM me.

    Help essentially is basically two things. One are people who know what they are doing to add new experimental items into the game. Such as new weather \ new tech \ new dungeons \ etc.

    The other group are those who are just learning what they are doing [ but make sure its working before sending it ] to do small things such as converting vanilla tiles to usable recipes - tile variation etc. Which doesn't require advanced knowledge of game functionality.

    Of course everyone will be credited for their contributions and this mod will never go behind any sort of link \ donation.

    So let me here your opinions on non linearity design
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  3. The | Suit

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  4. intervencion

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    Sounds good.
  5. The | Suit

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    I was kind of hoping for more a discussion on aspects of non linear game-play.
    Like how you feel the current system is in concepts of non linearity, what could be changed, what could be improved. Etc etc.
  6. Carter X

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    Is there going to be an update to the latest stable patch?
  7. The | Suit

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    I was actually hoping they would release their new patch within the first week of may.
  8. SexualRhinoceros

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    This looks fantastic, will you still include quest based progression though?
  9. Flare2

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    Hey, I just downloaded the mod, and according to the 0.5c changelog, it's compatible with the unstable version. Is that only for 0.5c, or can I use the latest version with unstable as well?
    NVM, the Winter update is here. So the new question is: Will I have to wait until SBNO 2.0 to play this with the new stable, or can I use it now?
  10. The | Suit

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    This mod is currently only for Enraged Koala and Earlier.
    2.0 will be for upbeat giraffe and latter.

    Most of this mod is not compatible with upbeat giraffe. So I will have to redo the entire thing by scratch - except the graphics. Unfortunately this time around it is slightly harder - as the quest system is annoying beast to disconnect.
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