Saves becoming corrupt/disappearing

Discussion in 'Support' started by DeathAngel777, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. DeathAngel777

    DeathAngel777 Void-Bound Voyager

    So Two times now my save has gone corrupt/disappeared. When i load up Stardew-click load game-it then says "No game files found" (this text is also glitched and offset/off screen)
    In the saves folder it shows i have a save but not in game.
    I have tried the trick with making a new character and moving the files but then when i load that save it crashes the game.
    I dont know how/why this happens but it has twice. One when i was in Year 1 summer and the recent one i was in Year 1 Winter. So i dont know what casuses this.
    Lastly the game did not crash and this happened. I saved then exited the game normally how i always do and then next time i want to play, this happens.
    Help to the solution or a fix would be great. Even just info to avoid this.
    Thank you~~~DeathAngel.
    Ps. I love this game alot, just cant keep restarting after 20+ hours each.

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