Saddles and carriages

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    these saddles are made with Iron and Tungsten and leather, made in the Agriculture crafting table. animals such as the Mooshi and Fluffalos, this gives them a extra 200 health but slows them down slightly.
    regular:these are made out of leather and string, it does not give the Mooshi or Fluffalo any extra stats but allows player to ride it.
    made out of leather string and a wooden crate, this does not enable the player to ride the animal but it does make a any animal to carry things if the player desires it to, it has 24 slots to carry things.
    these provide Armour of up to 300 and gives the animal extra speed and jump. costs iron, solarium and tungsten.
    carriage:these are small wooden carts that naturally found in Avian Frogg and Fennerox villages, also with these types of merchants.
    hover carriage:even faster than the regular one, but still only found in Fennerox and Avian and Frogg villages.
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    What about hoverbikes? When you can already ride a hoverbike (which fits in your inventory) at high speeds over terrain that would get a traditional vehicle stuck, why ride a carriage?

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