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RoR discord

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by telepathy, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. telepathy

    telepathy Space Hobo

  2. reVelske

    reVelske Pangalactic Porcupine

  3. telepathy

    telepathy Space Hobo

    Are you referring to the one found in this post? https://www.reddit.com/r/riskofrain/comments/44byum/rrisk_of_rain_discord/

    Cause that is a definitely a FTL discord, which I verified myself. Even the poster of the discord channel admits his mistake. I was fully aware that there wasn't one that I'd seen so far thus why I made it. I would suggest next time you check before you make such an assumption.
    • reVelske

      reVelske Pangalactic Porcupine

      Wow, chill. Just pointing out there's is apparently already a RoR Discord server, there's no assumptions beyond that the reddit poster wasn't speaking out of his arse. He simply claimed that he provided the wrong URL, not "I didn't create a RoR Discord, I was probably drunk when I posted that". Either way, it's brought up for awareness, it's up to you if you want to look into this and combine the rooms rather than make another when one is already likely present, god forbid trying to post something relevant that actually looks legit.
      • Dunto

        Dunto Guest

        Chill out, you two. There's no need to get all worked up about this.

        @telepathy reVelske was just trying to be helpful. There's no need for the attitude.
        • telepathy

          telepathy Space Hobo

          And yet you have produced no evidence to substantiate there is anything to it at all. You didn't read the thread, you didn't ask the guy, you didn't check the discord yourself, you didn't look into the user who made it. You basically did nothing but pout after you got called out on your error.

          If you want some info, the user is echang that made the post, he posts primarily in the FTL and HotS subreddits.
          He made a post in the wrong subreddit and instead of deleting it he just left it there. Pretty sure he has a secret RoR discord laying around even though there is no evidence that suggests that, right? The subreddit itself has 0 references to discord outside of searching the reddit which comes up with that 1 post. The RoR subreddit itself is semi-active at best, which is why I'm not surprised there hasn't been an attempt to make one by the mods or others.

          Now is it really fair to act like a drama queen when someone points out you are wrong? On top of that, did you spend any time actually thinking about what you just said? You make a lot of bold statements while not really contributing anything of worth with your comments here, your attitude notwithstanding. Maybe you should spend some time and think before you speak.

          There isn't anything really to get worked up over. I made a server, he made a snarky comment, I proved him wrong, and he got defensive. I've checked though, and there isn't a Discord on here or on the reddit so far, thus why I made it. If people want to use it or not, it's up to them. I just thought it would be useful to have around since Discord is a fairly useful VOIP/text chat program for groups to use to coordinate games with.
          • reVelske

            reVelske Pangalactic Porcupine

            For the record, there was absolutely no snark in it, it was purely for the sake of providing something relevant and informative, there's a difference between "proving someone wrong" and being "rude and condescending", or do you seriously see nothing wrong with telling someone "I would suggest next time you check before you make such an assumption" when they are simply bringing up something they came across that they believe to be relevant?

            if that reddit post is indeed nothing but hot air, all well and good for you, I am simply pointing out something I've noticed, afterall, what good is there to divide the already dwindling community between two Discord servers? I have little to no interest joining a RoR Discord server myself, as such I had no motivation to double check the population of said room and rather just post about the possible presence of one as a FYI, hence the "looks like". What more thoughts am I expected to have on this matter? I saw something relevant, I posted about it, period. This is not university thesis, I am not expected to do background checks on the sources, I don't know about how you perceive people and things said on the Internet, but when someone said they "created a Discord room", I'm happy to take their words for it when linking to anyone and anywhere relevant, as there literally can be no harm in it.

            I mean, are you seriously also expecting others to do background checks on you and the actual existence of said Discord server before passing the words around as well?
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