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Robot Boss

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Grimlen, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. Grimlen

    Grimlen Orbital Explorer

    I got full steel armor and a 20 pen weapon and he takes no damage and 1 shots me. Is there another thing i need to kill first or am i doing something else wrong?
  2. ShinobiDragoon

    ShinobiDragoon Space Spelunker

    This is what I want to know as well. With no guns and just a horrible bow to try to kill it, you pretty much have no chance.

    Also, why the heck is the crafting recipe so expensive? Over 100 iron ingots converted into steel, not to mention various other costs. And the moment you die (and it's going to happen how things currently stand) all those resources are lost.

    And, please include in the tooltip that the robot needs to be placed on the surface to be activated. I figured I'd play it smart and place the robot in a U.S.C.M base I'd found and let the enemies there handle the robot, only to find out that I wasn't allowed to activate it underground. Then one of the snipers shot me for about 70 damage and killed me after I broke the robot to pick it back up (I also accidentally broke the nearby door), resulting in the loss of the robot.
  3. Demonbane13

    Demonbane13 Space Spelunker

    I managed to kill him by putting a high 1 block wall between me and him and just beating him with a steel sword, it may be a lame way to do it but dying dozens of times the normal way was pretty lame 2

    robot boss.png
  4. Zoro the Gallade

    Zoro the Gallade Big Damn Hero

    I did pretty much the same, only with a 15p knife. I basicallly just taped down the mouse button and went to get cookies.
  5. MithranArkanere

    MithranArkanere Pangalactic Porcupine

    Monsters damage and armor available to players are not properly matched.

    You need the next tier of armor to survive in the planets where you can get the materials you need to make that armor. It doesn't make any sense.

    I was only able to make gold and steel armor because I found gold ingots in chests. I wasn't able to find gold ore until I visited beta sector planets. And every single monster in the beta sector, even in the lowest threat planets, one-shot me with less than steel armor.

    I was only able to beat the robot before getting platinum armor because the robot is really, really dumb, and one can trap it in blocks. Once trapped, you just hold the button until its health is gone.

    Both the damage and armor calculations and the robot's behavior must be changed so it's an actual fight.
  6. Ect

    Ect Space Hobo

    For those unable to find ore you are not looking.. before iI beat the 1st boss I all ready have like 50+ gold bars. if you look hard enough(which I found nice cavern) you can find stuff. I was just cave spelunking and broke the floor under me when i got dark.. Almost died form the fall but I've only explored like 30% of the connected caves. That is the starting planet and I can go deeper, Hell I got 3 bars platinum on my first planet. STOP WHINING, be a gamer and figure it out.

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