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Robin isn’t upgrading Coop

Discussion in 'Support' started by cathawk, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. cathawk

    cathawk Void-Bound Voyager

    I am using Stardew Valley iOS version 1.34 on an iPad Pro 11” model MTXT2LL/A iOS version is 12.3.1.

    On Year 1, Fall Day 21 I purchased a Coop Upgrade from Robin’s shop (upgrading from basic coop to the level that allows ducks). She indicated she would start construction the next day. I saved at the days end. On Day 22 Robin was not working on the Coop...but the money and supplies I paid with are still gone, confirming that my memory isn’t failing me (which I considering).

    I will send the save to contact@chucklefish.org after posting this
    • Gabriel9282

      Gabriel9282 Master Chief

      Hi there!
      Could it be that Robin hasn’t started working on it because of the upcoming Stardew valley event called “Spirit’s Eve”? Try waiting until the first of Winter. That’s my only suggestion worth trying. Good luck figuring it out if this doesn’t work.

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