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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Mergal, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Mergal

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    I think it'd be great if the other single characters married each other if the player chose not to pursue them. I've been befriending Clint and the cut scenes with him and Emily are so cute! :catface: I really want them to get together. Also, I think it's obvious Haley has a crush on Alex. It doesn't just have to be single characters. It can be the adults too! Like the Mayor and Marnie. What do you all think? Who do you guys ship? <3
    • Sereru

      Sereru Aquatic Astronaut

      Yess!! I would love rival marriages. But I would worry about triggering them for the person I want to marry. What if they only happened once you're married, so your spouse isn't swept away in all of the potential bachelors/bachelorettes? Or maybe once you're dating someone?
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      • I <3 Garrus

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        Great idea. I like the caveat Sereru presented, too, that it won't trigger unless you're already taken (or if they're not player romanceable anyway).
        • DaimoMac

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          I like this idea alot, but there is a problem. The main character. Without him/her each person has a partner (note the Flower Dance in the first year) so in order for everyone to have someone, I would suggest that another person move into the town following the PC getting married. Maybe said person could be a guy/girl who lives up in the mountains and is a miner (can be seen working in the mines of occasion)

          Edit: Or Hell, make a character that is a quasi replacement. Marry Seb or Maru, their cousin Robin comes in, wanting to start a new life in the Valley.
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          • Relenanator

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            It's really strange how this forum considers the flower dance couples quasi canon when some of them don't seem like they would ever get together. For instance, Harvey and Maru aren't even listed as each others friend, and likewise with Sam and Penny. Maybe Sebastian and Abby could happen but I feel like they've known eachother long enough that if something were going to happen between them, it either already happened or they're just genuinely not interested. As for Elliot x Leah and Alex x Haley, I definitely can see these two getting married along with Lewis x Marnie and Clint x Emily.

            Maybe a different set of events could happen to the other characters. Like maybe Harvey could end up with another guy/girl who moves into town, Maru could go off to college, Penny could start teaching at a real school in the valley, and Seb and Sam could move into the city and make a professional band. As for Shane, he could either become the new representative of Joja mart or get highered by the player to work on the farm.
            • CowsGoM00

              CowsGoM00 Subatomic Cosmonaut

              I think rival marriages would bring more depth to the game, even if it means that you might miss the chance to marry your preferred candidate. It would be nice to attend the wedding of the other characters of the game, and it would be even cooler if they had kids.
              But I also agree with Relenanator; some of the MC just don't seem to have a love interest besides the PC. I personally think it would be really off to try and ship Harvey and Maru. The only two MC that I can see marrying one another are Alex and Haley or Elliot and Leah, the rest just don't match up.
              • Mergal

                Mergal Space Hobo

                Yeah I think if it triggered either after you're dating someone or married it would be a good way to make sure the love interest you're pursuing wouldn't get taken.
                • Mergal

                  Mergal Space Hobo

                  Yeah that's true. I agree not all the single characters would be good couples. I like your idea of them following their careers/dreams or new characters coming to town. If they left the valley, that would leave the already small town pretty empty though. But maybe they could come back during certain seasons?

                  As for new characters coming to the valley, I could see Seb or Sam falling in love with a band member that comes to the Valley on tour for a season each year. Harvey could get an assistant or a nurse. Maybe Demetrius or Robin could get an intern that Maru falls in love with. I want to romance Shane when the 1.1 update comes out but I guess he could end up with that Jojo Mart cashier #totallynotjealous lol. And it'd be cute if Penny fell for a librarian, but I'm not sure if Gunter would be a good match for her or not. Doesn't really have a personality atm.

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