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Outdated Rise of the Hylotl 1.8 - Dungeons Fixed

Hylotl-themed dungeons, lore-based armors, weapons, items, tiles, objects, etc.

  1. paledirewolf

    paledirewolf Aquatic Astronaut

    First off, I love the mod, so awesome. But I have a question; have you thought about working with the author of "Variety is the Spice of the Universe" to implement your hylotl villages into his biomes? Specifically his ocean, arctic, and possibly deep-ocean biomes? I think that would be awesome because hylotl villages are planned to be mainly underwater in oceans anyway.
  2. Poundcake

    Poundcake Phantasmal Quasar

    Do you have any plans to do this with any of the other races or just Hylotl because they don't have any villages for now?
  3. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

    No. In an ideal world, I would love to collab with other modders to synergize our ideas. But I've really no time as it is. And what little chances I get are dedicated to fixing bugs, implementing new content, expanding the villages, etc. Also, villages underwater have to have their own tiles that work well with water, so that's something more complex that needs to be addressed, something I do want to look into at some point though.

    Yes, I plan on expanding the human race after I finish the hylotl one. But that's FARRRRR into the future. Speculation at the moment.
  4. badboy_zay

    badboy_zay Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm not sure if I like the idea of monster dropping poop. It's not good for pixel farming and it's always frustrated to know you just spent hour killing hard monsters just to earned more poop than pixel :(. maybe you should make a unique weapon like brain extractor for those who want to farm poop and such
    also, would be great if you can make other races unable to use new hylotl armors added by this mod.
  5. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

    I totally feel you. Been testing my mod again and I was shocked how often poop dropped. That's definitely changing for the next update coming very soon, possibly tomorrow. I believe other races can't use the armors, but I haven't tested it to make sure.
  6. Zakail

    Zakail Phantasmal Quasar

    Thank god, I was just about to tell you your monsters are full of shit :D
  7. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

  8. Broken Hoshi

    Broken Hoshi Space Spelunker

    Personally, Hylotl are my favorite race so I am really excited to try this mod out! I love your screenies too, they are absolutely beautiful :D Keep up the good work!
  9. TigerBlitz

    TigerBlitz Big Damn Hero

    If I use another mod that changes the planets "dungeons" it will affect the Hylotl citys to apear?

    I'm trying to test... but with the mod alone I still didin't find any SHUASHUHSUA

    Like... if I use the Dungeoneer Dungeon, the cities will still apear?
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2014
  10. Zakail

    Zakail Phantasmal Quasar

    It won't. I run this mod with several mods that add more dungeons (EX: Dungeoneer's Dungeons) and it runs perfectly fine! Both sets of dungeons show up as expected :D
  11. TigerBlitz

    TigerBlitz Big Damn Hero

    Really? Thanks!
    Don't need to change nothing?
  12. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

    Yeah it should. Our mods only add the new dungeons, on top of the vanilla ones. The only thing is: more dungeons means less chances of any dungeon appearing I think.
  13. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

    seancruz updated Rise of the Hylotl with a new update entry:

    The Third Update

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  14. skulledrebel

    skulledrebel Void-Bound Voyager

    This is really just a minor thing, but did you fix this stuff showing up for other races? (If that was even a bug in the first place.) ((Seriously, if you didn't/can't it's no biggy.))
  15. Ravenholme

    Ravenholme Big Damn Hero

    Awesome update, and the plans for the next one are equally cool!

    Keep up the brilliant work!
  16. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

    As far as I know none of the other races should be able to get anything. I'm gonna test it now on a human char to see.
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  17. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

  18. seancruz

    seancruz Big Damn Hero

    Turns out you can access the mod playing another race. Shoot. Idk why it's doing this. All the objects are hylotl race only. Any one has an idea as to how to make it race-specific?
  19. skulledrebel

    skulledrebel Void-Bound Voyager

    The "Interesting Starter Swords" mod I have allows unique race recipes by putting .species files in a /species folder. These files seem to act like player.config files with the different recipes unlocked at different tiers.

    Edit: Yup, used that mod as a template and it seems to have worked. Any new Glitch I create no longer have Hylotl recipes and new Hylotl have their recipes. I'm reorganizing it into tiers currently, based on what you've posted.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2014
  20. Bronze Elemental

    Bronze Elemental Space Spelunker

    I've been itching to play this mod for a week now but whenever I try it I get this error about monastery tiles that crashes my game. It happened in the previous update too. I've tried deleting mods, deleting titles and assets but nothing seems to be working! I really want to play this mod gosh darn it!

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