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    Look, I'm no good at building, and I'm not that durable, but if there is one thing I'm good at, it's keeping the peace. So, while i dont like that you took it into your own hands to be in charge, ill be a guard here in camp.
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    Rylou made a hand signal that might have been a salute, or might have been looking at something far away. He turned away and stepped into the woods, obviously indicating he meant the second one.
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    Kyle nods in agreement with the man, looking disdainfully over at the trigger-happy caster when the Apex does. Once the speech is over, he walks back into the middle of the clearing to discuss with his crew members. "What's everyone feeling? Anyone got certain skills they can put to use?"

    "Threat level, huh?" He replies, "As of now, that'd be opening the door." he says, gesturing towards the caster. "But we haven't seen anything out here that'd be a threat more than each other, so I guess you can join the first scouting party."
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    "You people can do what you want. I don't take orders from anyone." Lloyd says. "I am going to look around the area." he begins to walk away, then turns toward the group and adds, "I didn't want to become a madiar, and I don't think anyone here, INCLUDING ME, want anyone dead. Like the apex said, that thing is gonna blow up. So would you rather be able to get out of the giant bomb at the cost of a few lives, or have all of us turned into dust???" He then proceeds to explore the forest.
    EDIT: ((I didnt get any alerts so sorry for taking so long.))
    EDIT 2: ((I Updated my characters backstory. It's a long one though so ill put it here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fjs_8IuAYI4yDTxwBCVYzZKwP_XrI-cBrWO3TLZ-K7Y/edit?usp=sharing or if you want to read it here than

    Early Life and Learning Magic
    Born in the small system of Alcor Stream, Lloyd lived in a large space station orbiting the star. His mother died giving birth, and his father was killed by pirates soon after. Having no home or relatives to go to he began a life of crime to survive. In his teenage years, Lloyd began dabbling with magic, finding it helped a lot with his thievery. He learned the skills to control air, to help him escape from the guards, and the power of fire for later skirmishes with them, and causing distractions.
    Thieves Guild
    Eventually, he was recruited by the local thieves guild, and therefore his skills grew, and he was given food and lodging again for a long time in their life. Eventually, some of the members of the thieves guild decided that there should be changes taking place. Lloyd joined their cause, and the thieves guild was soon reborn as Death’s Legion, an assassins guild.
    Death’s Legion and Mutation
    The legion quickly grew in number, to a point where a complete takeover of the planet-size station was possible. Seizing this opportunity, the group began a war with the station guard. During this time, they stole mutation tech from the scientists on the station, and began augmenting their greatest warriors, including Lloyd. Seeing the raw magical talent within Lloyd, the leader of the guild decided that he would increase that power, making him a madiar. Being a powerful mage himself, and thinking Lloyd might object, he used mind control to force Lloyd into it.
    There was a huge battle for control of the station, as Death’s Legion fought the Guards. Lloyd, being sent out on the front lines, was an immense force in favour of the Legion, causing complete carnage as a madiar. The battle was quickly a victory for the assassins, but when Lloyd saw all the innocent people killed by this war, he decided he would have no more of it. Faking his death, he laid low until an underground rebellion rose up around a year later.
    The Rebellion and destruction of Alcor Stream Station
    Joining the rebellion, Lloyd fought Death’s Legion almost single-handedly, as after ruling for so long, the powerful assassins had grown soft. Living under the radar though, made Lloyd all the more stronger. This all led to a battle between Lloyd and the powerful leader of the legion at the reactor core of the station. The mind-mage was powerful, but Lloyd was stronger, in a final attempt to win the duel, the mind-mage launched a mental assault on Lloyd. Knowing what his opponent is trying to do, Lloyd created an explosion right in the reactor, creating a chain reaction bound to destroy the station, maybe the star itself. Racing to the ship bay, Lloyd boarded on of the few remaining ships, as the large transport ships had already been loaded full of citizens by the rebellion, and have left the station. As he was entering the ship, his opponent launched another mental attack, saying that neither of them will leave the station alive. The ships S.A.I.L. saw what was happening, and started the spacecraft, right as the reactor imploded. Luckily, the ship took the brunt of the explosion, leaving Lloyd alive, but badly injured. But as the mind-mage was ripped out of his head, so were half of his memories. As well, the other citizens lost power from an EMP like blast emitting from the exploding space station, and the ships crashed into nearby planets. Surviving by creating oxygen, Lloyd was eventually discovered by the Beacon on its way to Taliar.
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    "Wouldn't have a clue what the highest threat level is, it's an unmapped planet and you'll all be venturing out into the unknown. Anything could happen."

    You don't get any verbal response but the human gives a slight nod in your direction, and you get the feeling he approves of your decision.

    Several people seem to have noticed your signalling and getting the gist of respond by beginning to group around you in the starts of a small scouting party. Pretty soon you've managed to gather a substantial number of people, some scientists, others adventurers, most surprisingly eager to try and help for a crew primarily composed of mercenaries.

    No one imediatly responds to your question, but after a minute a scrawny looking Hylotl approaches you, "Umm... you're looking to help right... well err, maybe you could come with us to the Neuretic crash site.", He points to a group a small group gathering near the gate, almost all of them appear to be scientists, "We're trying to scavenge for parts to fix the ship's generator and were also hoping to access the Neuretic database... if you don't want to help that's fine too..."

    You enter the forest, for now, it seems fairly normal, save for a few strange looking flowers and the odd flying reptilian rodent.
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    Kyle claps his hands together and grins. "I can't do techscience for the life of me, but if you're out scavenging, I'm your man. Know where about I should start?"
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    "W-well as I said, we are, umm, going down to the Neuretic crash site. Maybe we can find parts to stop the ships core from killing us...", he pauses momentarily, clearly terrified by this social interaction, "If y-you want to try you could help me find s-some more people to help us, I'm sure you can tell that we aren't exactly the toughest lot... otherwise, umm... I guess we can just get g-going..."
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    Cobalt goes to some of the guys that have more than just a pistol/dagger and offers if they want to help guard the area while some people build shelters.
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    Lloyd climbs a tree, and scouts for nearby crash sites, travelling to the nearest ship.
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    Cobalt thinks a little bit, then runs over to the apex.
    Hey, can you tell the scavenging teams to try to get some light auto turrets, and if possible a singular anti-vehicular rocket launcher?
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    Rylou looks around at the group, then shrugs and begins walking through the wood, pointing out things of interest to people around him.
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    He looks around and surveys the rest of the rest of the crew. "...Nah, I can escort ya. Tell me where we're goin' and I'll lead the way."
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    Climbing a tree you can see a couple of pillars of smoke rising into the air, the smallest and nearest of the two doesn't seem too far off from your current location.

    Most ignore you either not caring or already busy setting up the camp.

    "Um... I'm not sure they'll have any anti-vehicular launchers, it is a scouting party for a pre-industrial planet after all, but I can ask them to look if you want...", he pauses before continuing on, "I'm pretty sure the Beacon was equipped with a bunch, if you want to try and salvage those that's also an idea, either way, we'll need a stable power source if we want to survive."

    The forest is teeming with life and sounds, glowing trees flowers and fern-like bushes surround you and a seemingly endless array of new, undiscovered wildlife swarms around you. Most of it is similar in appearance to one thing or another you've already seen on your travels, but much of it still is strange and unique. Glowing plants and animals can be seen around every corner, giving the forest giving the place a somewhat surreal feeling like the magic of the rift has somehow leaked into the ecosystem. A novakid approaches you he's holding a notebook and seems to be sketching the flora and fauna with a supernatural speed, "Great isn't it? So much to explore and discover, and we'll be the first."

    "Uhh... ok! S-sure", he awkwardly points back to the group of scientists before leading you over and you set out towards the largest of the smoke pillars rising into the clouds.
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    I head towards the closer one, and tell anyone who I see on the way to go to the wreak of the Beacon, as others are setting up camp there.
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    Cobalt looks at the crashed ship for a little while, as if deep in thought, then looks for the scouting party, and goes with them(or forms one if none are formed yet)
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    Stranger decides to go to the Neuretic wreckage (Imagine he just awkwardly followed you)
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    Rylou nods and gives the Novakid a thumbs up, and continues scouting.
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    Kyle jogs to the front of the group, readying his shotgun as he steps through the forest. He tries to keep himself within sight of the rest of the group, while still maintaining a decent lead.
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    (AAAH CRAP I MISSED STUFF! SORRRRRYYYYY! Let’s just say Marcus was knocked out.)

    Marcus finally begins to regain consciousness. He blinks a few times before speaking.
    “Oooooh... That was one of the most painful experiences of my life... geez...”
    He puts a hand on his face and just lays on the ground for a bit. Or until someone tells him what to do.
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    You don't actualy see any survivors of the recage as of yet you do however hear a branch snap behind you, followed by a low besital growl.

    There is no search party as of yet but you quickly manage to get one together and ready to head out.

    You follow behind the scientist group and soon find yourself at the crash site.

    Emerging into a clearing you can now see the crashed ship, smoke rises from its body and though far smaller than the beacon and having sustained less visable damage, the ships singular exit door remains sealed shut.

    Setting the pace and forcing the scientists to move a fair bit faster than it would seem they'd like to, you quickly arrive at the ship, though it seems to have taken quite a lot of damage and the doors all remain sealed, a large crack in one side of the hull should provide easy enough entrance.

    As you come to, you realise that exit number 5, the one you are currently in, has completely caved in, somehow by some miracle you managed to be standing in the only intact part of the room. So what less miraculously the room seems to be getting hotter, and the only way out of the room, so far as you can tell, is to go further into the ship.
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