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    I've done my absolute best to figure out XNB Node myself. As it turns out, it's all gibberish to me and I'd be VERY VERY grateful if someone would be kind enough to merge two Craftable files I really really love? If anyone is able to do this, and would be willing (just this once! c: ) I'd be so happy! Naturally, I'd NEVER share the merged textures file with anyone. Because of this respect towards the artists, I'll be accepting help via Private Messages. Well, not yet, but when someone offers to do this for me... >_<

    Again, I've done my best to even try to use xnb Node, and I'm just not the right person for the job. I'll post the two PNG files I'd love merged in the PM conversation with whomever is able to help! Thank you to anyone who reads this! <3
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      Oops, I forgot to close this thread! Someone PM'd me offering to help, and they did a fabulous job of solving my issue! I'll close off this thread now. ^_^ Thank you so much for the offer! <3
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