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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by CBWX, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. CBWX

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    hi been years since i made a post here and wasn't sure if this was the right place to make a request i can't seem to find the request page if there was one. i lasted remember that there was. anyway i wanted to see if someone could make a ship mod for me. nothing big (i hope) just want to combine 3 existing mod in to one. that or help me override one with another.
  2. CBWX

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  3. bk3k

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    I'm not sure if this is "help me" or "do this for me please". But before that, you might want to get specific. What is it exactly that you are looking for? Depending on the details, I may or may not feel like doing it after all. Likewise the reaction of others may depend on what it is. But I don't think you'd find many who agree to to take on a completely non-specific task.

    Also it may or may not involve getting permission for using some things if it involves other mods - depending on the permissions of the mods. If you can simply do it with patching (thus not including other's assets), then it isn't an issue anyhow.

    Lets start with details...
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    @CBWX One word posts are frowned upon under forum rules. Please post at least a full sentence. Furthermore it is unnecessary to bump a post after such a short time, especially when it's still on the front page.
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    You gotta say what you want, otherwise no one will respond.
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    sorry for late reply i got pretty busy at one point

    not too sure how i wasn't clear other than not posting the modes i was talking about but i'll explain what i ment

    i wanted to see if some could combine the "Uss polaris ship mod for Avali", and the "Alternate Avali Captains Chair" together in one mod, also to see if there was a way to prevent it from getting overridden from other ship type mods

    the modes i question here:

    there was a 3rd mod i wanted to see about but its not on the site here only on steam. but i'm not have that much trouble with that one as i am with these two

    wait 3 days wasn't long enough?

    i'm pretty sure i did, yeah i didn't post the mods in question but still
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    @CBWX Stacking posts is also frowned upon. If you need to quote multiple people then simply click 'reply' on each post you want to quote. I've merged your posts.

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