[Request] No idle energy-drain for mechs

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by eksynn, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. eksynn

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    i always wondered why mechs use energy when you're literally not doing anything... and it just moves through space, or you're literally just standing on a planet's surface.
    i propose a fix could be made to disable energy consumption when idle, even if you're inactively moving (
    like through space).
    in this way, the only things that would consume energy would be firing (
    energy-based?) shots and using the thrusters.

    and panels wouldn't use that much energy.
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    No, I think the idle mech energy drain makes a lot of sense.
    For example, if you were to turn a car on, it would still use fuel even if it isn't moving.
    The mech would need to be constantly using energy when you are in it regardless of what type of terrain you're in.
    If you were on land, the mech's leg motors would have to work to keep the mech standing. If you were in space, the mech would have to use power to make sure air was circulating properly so you didn't suffocate.
  5. mikeloeven

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    except that a car has enough fuel to idle for hours. lets not forget that an advanced mech would probably use a small reactor instead of a petrochemical engine (nuclear fuel rods last for YEARS btw) . So so yes a mech would be using energy idling but the simple fact remains that wether using a gas engine or reactor the absolute minimum run times would be several hours not several minutes. You kinda shoot your own argument in the foot with that comparison

    It gets even worse when you take into account the fact that the players ship can navigate a solar system without using ANY fuel and that the player has a finite but infinitely regenerative power supply
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