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  1. Astrid Speckles

    Astrid Speckles Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yahallo! I was wondering if anyone would draw [My Mascot] Astrid, as my Nova-Kid character? I know ages are weird since their gas star like people but I did a rough equivalent

    Gender: Female
    Age: Late-teens
    Race: Novakid
    - Speech and Lifestyle is more like Avian, due to being brought up by them.
    Brand: Diamond shaped
    Weapons of choice: Dual-Daggers and Magnorbs.
    - Loves her dual grapplinghooks.

    Clothing: (Brown and black outfit)
    - Helmet with yellow and blue feathers
    - Large brown scarf
    - Brown cape
    - Black jacket with a white undershirt
    - Black pants and brown shoes, looks similar [to this tho]

    If possible, could you consider drawing Astrid with a crew member of mine? Of course you do not have to at all, just lowkey want to show off this crew member of mine and the story in my head about her xD

    Mama Cylo & Coro

    Name: Cylo
    Race: Novakid
    Color: Green
    Gender: Female
    Age: Early 30's
    Role: Medic
    Previous Job: Barkeep, waitress, manager, pretty much soul worker of a bar/pub.
    Brand: Infinity symbol ∞ Can be an oval ⚬
    Weapon of Choice: Gun, to avoid close combat and harm to herself and Coro.

    Name: Coro
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10
    Likes: All creatures, stars, warmth and bright/sparkly things.
    Dislikes: Loud sudden sounds, arguments, heavy drinkers
    A green tunic suited for all extreme climates
    Blue fluffy ear-muffs she wears when adventuring (to block out loud sounds)


    Cylo was born and raised on a Volcanic planet and is a very strong and determined women due to the harsh living conditions and working in the local pub from a young age and lack of support growing up due to being orphaned at a young age. She has a very caring side to her, the "mum" friend, that she didn't show off often back home due to feeling ashamed of it back on her home planet since many of them were hard folk.

    One day a crew ship came to the pub, which wasn't uncommon. It isn't unfamiliar for pirates to come through, the pub was in chaotic neutral territory despite the fact the people in town did nothing like the people who passed through. However there was a human infant among them. Instincts kept Cylo focusing on the kid during their stay. Eventually the pub owner who funny enough wasn't a Nova-kid, but rather an Apex, came to pick up the crew's leader for a discussion. Cylo listened in even though she knew she shouldn't and over heard that the crew leader was wanting to know where he could sell the child for a decent price. Cylo barged in and said she'd take the child. Her boss showed signs of frustration but she could see the corners of a proud smile tugging at his lips.

    She raised Coro on her own but the folks around the pub paid attention to the both of them and helped looking after Coro in the pub when Cylo was over worked. Coro of course wasn't allowed to be there after noon so Cylo had to take day shifts only. Eventually the town pitched in with Coro's care and education, despite appearances, the town are major softies when Coro and Cylo are concerned.

    Recruitment: [WIP]

    Astrid came to the volcanic planet in hopes to find some information about one of the many side projects she is invested in. Unaware of the fact there was fellow Nova-kids on the planet. Upon entering the town she was instantly uncomfortable, never meeting anyone of her race aside from the 2 from the Outpost, which didn't seem so intimating. But here in this small town, she could see how little of her culture she knew. Feeling like an outcast in a town of her own race, but being a solider, she pushes forward determined to find out what she can.

    - - -

    The moment Cylo set eyes on the new face in the pub she was instantly intrigued. The novakid was nothing like others she had seen, she spoke and held herself so differently that she stood out like a sore thumb. And her unease in her ways showed just as clearly. Cylo felt her heart tug in understanding as she feels like an outsider time to time despite her old age. Her motherly instincts kicking in. Looking down at Coro, she can see her gazing towards the newcomer with admiration and awe. Sighing, Cylo decides to take a chance in the novakid that reminds her so much of herself as a teen. She picks up a wanted poster and waits to see if the girl will come.

    - - -

    Amused, The Violet Nova-kid approaches the barkeep and waves at the human child humming on the desk.
    "Excuse me, ma'am? I couldn't help but notice the wanted poster your holding..."

    If Novakids had eyebrows, this emerald flame of a lady certainly would be raising one.
    "Aye, ya offering to deal with it, kiddo? It ain't gonna be easy yaknow. Don't think I need to tell ya twice, ya look the type to be able to handle ya-self so I'll skip the dribble. Near here there is a Glitch Evil Fortress. Somebody cleared the place recently so it was abandon-"

    A soft chuckle cut the barkeep off when she raised her head from the poster to look at the girl in front of her now holding herself up with more confidence than before, only to tense up when their eyes met. Before she could withdraw from the conversation, the emerald novakid nudges her head to the side prompting to younger girl to say her piece.

    "I uh... I'm aware of that already. I was the one who defeated them... On my way here a few days ago I ran into somebody who asked me to save their friend who was taken there and decided to deal with them before... yknow, they could do any more harm..." the violet novakid finishes just above a whisper.

    Silence lingers in the air briefly while the barkeep looks at the girl in front of her once more with new eyes. Clearly focusing on all of the freshly new scars scattered on visible skin and old ones that look neglected. How was this girl not infected by something at this point? Should she really be giving such a young child such a dangerous quest, that no one in the town is insane enough to take?

    A giggle breaks the silence. "You defeated them all by yourself? That. is. SO. cool!"
    Both of the novakids look down to the human child and both beam at the outburst

    "Being called cool by a starling like yourself is truly the most flattering compliment I have gotten, thank you! I did defeat them by myself, while I do have a crew, I didn't want them to get in harms way, I'm on the look out for getting a medic but until then I wish for my members to stay safe on my ship."
    The girl mutters "much to their dismay" under their breath that doesn't go unnoticed by the bar keep. Shaking her head the girl extends her hand out "I'll be more than willing to help you sort these guys out for you folks."

    The barkeep snorts with a nods, handing over the wanted posted "Whatcha name kiddo?"
    "Isn't it rude to not introduce yourself first?" the violet girl snarls back.
    "MY NAME IS CORO!" causes the two to chuckle at the human girls outburst
    "Fair 'nough. The names Cylo. Coro here is my charge. All the family I got."
    "Astrid, nice to meetcha, Cylo, Coro. I'll be back later!"

    - - - -

    To finish writing:
    - Astrid defeats the gang at the glitch castle, just
    - Returns to the town but almost dies on her way there by monsters
    - novakids shot down the monsters and Astrid makes her way to the pub
    - Completes the quest for Cylo
    - Recruits Cylo

    --- Astrid fights an intense battle with the gang at the castle, having no healing items left she stumbles to make her way back to the town and on her way she stumbles across a pack of monsters just on the outskirts of the town. Thankfully some novakids who know how to shoot come to her aid before she collapses. Cylo is told that there is a kid who passed out and needs medical attention, causing Coro to cry. She takes Coro and runs to the room Astrid is in. She heals her and demands that she accepts her into her crew since she is a medic, Coro demands to be Astrid's little sister, Cylo damands to be called "Mama Cylo", Astrid agrees and falls back asleep while Cylo and Coro pack and say goodbye to everyone

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  2. Awkward Potato

    Awkward Potato Void-Bound Voyager

    Can you draw my novakid Caster
  3. Sugar-Fable

    Sugar-Fable Phantasmal Quasar

    I'd love it if someone could draw my Floran Taslin! The middle pic is her main oufit~ The flowers in her hair are cherry blossoms!
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  4. tiffxni

    tiffxni Void-Bound Voyager

    I'd like for someone to draw my Starbound OC <3

    Hey! I'd love to draw her if you're willing to see it on deviantART instead of here. I'm still unsure of how to post things and stuff.
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  5. Sugar-Fable

    Sugar-Fable Phantasmal Quasar

    That'd be really nice! My DA is Sugar-Plum-Fable if you wanna tag me~ Thank you!
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  6. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Giant Laser Beams

    Been meaning to give this one a shot, and finally got around to it:
    Rain Song Drawing v3 Smol.png
    Rain enjoying the rain. I spent an absurd amount of time fiddling with the lighting and shading only to dump most of it (I'll attach some of my drafts with shading, in case it takes your fancy). In the end, it's still not as fancy as the stuff you have posted (the background was lazily slapped together), but it was a fun draw. Hope you enjoy it!

    Rain Song Drawing Smol.png Rain Song Drawing v2 Smol.png
    My first and second attempts, still with their sloppy shading. In the end I decided it was better to keep things simple (and subdue the background colors a tad).

    Also, I'm planning to post this on DeviantArt (in the finished version and an earlier version). I'll link that here once I get it up.

    EDIT: Here it is:

    Best Wishes,

    P.S. If anyone else has a request, I'm more than willing to draw some more characters! Just gimme an @ and I'll get right on it (I'll probably take a shot at some of the other standing requests, too, though I'm terribly imperceptive and may miss some).
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  7. Hungry Lucario

    Hungry Lucario Void-Bound Voyager

    Greeting and salutations, I have a few small outfit projects I'm working on for some mod compatibility and looking for some pixel-artist to help me out if your interested please hit up my inbox so we can discuss the details.
    Thanks for skimming this over
  8. Testamentexe

    Testamentexe Void-Bound Voyager

    Testament of the sands.png AbyssmentExE.png
    Just seeing if I could get a bite or something for my main, Tesy.
    Sidenote: Those ears are animated, I actually have all the sprites for it... just never updated them using Adv hatter
  9. Urban_samurai

    Urban_samurai Orbital Explorer

    Guess there's no harm in asking but... would someone be down for drawing a profile sized portrait (or larger if they're willing) of my lastree human hyrbid Captain Adrian Walker, in Aliens Colonial Marines gear? He is already USCM in Starbound (the Universal Space Corporate Military) but being a huge fan of the Aliens USCM I'd love to see him in the marine armour with the iconic M41A pulse rifle.

    He's a human lastree hyrbid so he has human features mixed with lastree, that being the horns, tail, eyes and teeth. He's also British, least speaks with a British accent since his father, Harry Walker a British admiral in the USCM navy who married a lastree woman Keira Walker taught them how to speak human English hence the accents.

    20201215020022_1.jpg 1609336019_Lastree.jpg In game sprite and a pic a friend did for me, Adrian is on the left.
    CPT Adrian Walker Reborn screenshot Pose 10.png CPT Adrian Walker Reborn screenshot Pose 2.png CPT Adrian Walker Reborn screenshot Pose 4.png I also made him in HeroForge so these should help too for reference.
    20210113182415_1.jpg 20210113182423_1.jpg
    My marine from the ACM game, these should help for a reference although the surname is written on the chestplate near the neck. With the horns going through helmet though you could add some slots or cover for them. (Also just replace the US flag with the British one)

    I'd be happy to do a commission as well for a more detailed piece if there's a commish thread somehwere.
    Hope I didn't go overboard with the details but personally I feel the more the better else to avoid screw ups.

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