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Reporting for duty from Sector Starbound!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bowser7, May 8, 2013.

  1. bowser7

    bowser7 Industrial Terraformer

    Mechello glitings from XR-102 Gamma(bowser7) through the chuckle communication out of the Starbound Sector!

    I'm glad to say I enjoyed the game,even though it is indeed difficulty after Impossible/I see you ;)

    As of the posting time,I completed all the tasks as of the current moment,and only have like 6(?) more items to discover.

    The game was fun indeed,and here's some things I would like to have in the game:
    1.More skills(I get the idea of more characters,but like the abilty to develop skills)

    ...And here's things that bother me:
    1.The game being literally impossible(after awhile)
    2.Everything is in such small graphics! (I'm not sure if this is the final vision of the game's look,but it kinda doesn't blend with the eye for me with such small graphics)
    3.Did I mention lack of jetpacks? :lolwut:
    4.Magma worm kinda reminds me of the Eater of Worlds fight from Terraria,without all the splitted body parts(that's a compliment btw :DD)

    Well,that's all I have to say,'cept for good luck in making an awesome game!

    XR-102 Gamma
    • Felonious

      Felonious Existential Complex

      Jetpacks should be in the full release and possibly the upcoming closed beta.
      The game is supposed to become impossible, it is a game of survival. How long can you last and how far can you go.
      The small graphics are charming, and provide a good field of view.

      I also enjoyed the game, and am happily awaiting its release.
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      • Shrooblord

        Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

        The only 'impossible' factor I dislike is when I don't know what it is that's killing me, so I don't know how to improve. Like in the Fungal Caverns, there's those poisonous mushroom enemies that can drain your healthbar almost instantly, but I can't quite figure out what it is exactly that kills you: their fungus? Actual physical contact? Both seem to have some sort of effect...

        And yes, from playing the Alpha, I can say the Jetpacks are great fun when they stack (at least 3 is a great number).
        • joey4track

          joey4track Ketchup Robot

          I love the small graphics. And pretty much everything else about the game including it's difficulty. I imagine the only people who complain about it being too difficult are young folk who weren't around when games used to actually be challenging(and thus rewarding) + you can always play on easy mode :p
          • Hako

            Hako Aquatic Astronaut

            Their attack throws rising, purple spores on the ground that damage you.
            • Draken09

              Draken09 Black Hole Surfer

              Basically, they're one and the same. The spores and the fungus themselves- just avoid the spores.
              • bowser7

                bowser7 Industrial Terraformer

                Well,these are interesting comments,and I have to say as much as I am not the type of person of difficult games,I actually did had some easy times on insane mode by just attacking from a far platform that isn't connected.

                All in all,this was a very fun game and reminds me of Binding of Isaac :D
                • clodan

                  clodan Void-Bound Voyager

                  I have to agree with bowser on this topic... after you reach 5th level of difficulty (i think it was the fifth), its just imposible... one boss after the other one...
                  last time I played I was fighting agains the giant jellyfish,and all of a sudden, a giant robot appeared and well, it made it harder, though not imposible...

                  BUT! it doesnt end there... another robot spawned 10secs after the first one... and believe it or not, this wasnt the end anyway.... the giant magma worm spawned... so yeah... it was in deed imposible to win againt 4 or 5 bosses...

                  And no, i didnt touch the portal... that was all "natural spawned" monsters...

                  I do understand that the game has to get difficult in time as you progress, but you should also be provided with more items to get... Ive died sometimes with more than 5k in gold, cause everything was already bought, and I couldnt win anyway :/

                  So yeah, maybe a little bit of balancing difficulty or buffing a bit items and stats should do the trick!

                  Hope you guys agree with this point of view :)
                  • joey4track

                    joey4track Ketchup Robot

                    I would agree that in the demo it can potentially get impossible or it is at least, in the end, harder because it doesn't have all the items. You can only progress so far without the jetpack, for example. And the items that reduce cooldown or the syringe which makes your basic attack much faster are a big help too. The alpha is much easier because there are more items in it that help you scale with the enemies.
                    • Shrooblord

                      Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

                      I love it when bosses start spawning like regular enemies. The only boss I really despise is the Magma Worm, because it takes so long to kill the bugger and all he does is hinder you from moving anywhere! xP
                      Nahh, dat Worm's alrite. One pickle I do have with it, though, is if it duplicates itself four times before inviting its friend the Golden Champion Gentle Vagrant to come hang out.

                      But it's supposed to be like that - it's the nature of the game and I like it.

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