REQUEST Replace Marnie with literally *anyone* else, please!

Discussion in 'Mods' started by gamerfluid, Jul 25, 2017.

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    Hi everyone! I have been using and loving so many of the mods here, which have enhanced my gameplay experience and gotten me even more sucked into Stardew Valley than I already was. So, thanks, modding community!

    Today though, I have a request. There is exactly one character in this wonderful game that I can't bring myself to love. And, search as I might, there doesn't seem to be a sufficient mod to change her.


    Long story short, Marnie looks just like an abuser of mine. Whose name is Marnie. And it freaks me the heck out every time I have a cutscene with her or go to buy farm animals. It's not anybody's fault that this character happens to match her, but it is really, really hard to see that name and icon in my new favourite game.


    I'm hoping that somewhere on these forums, a kind, generous, possibly very bored person with the skills necessary would/could make a mod that can
    • change Marnie's name to LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE PLEASE
    • change her appearance at least somewhat in some way
    I do not care who the new character is. They don't need to have new dialogue, other than using their new name (and pronouns, if you decide to change that too). They can have the same likes and dislikes. Same weird affair with the mayor and relationships with the other townspeople. Just. Make her not be marnie, please. Use your imagination, or just literally change her name and skin tone. Idk. Whatever you want. If someone can make Leah into Gardevoir and her children into Ralts, surely someone can do this for me? Here are some ideas of characters I'd rather see around Stardew valley than the avatar of my abuser:
    1. Mewtwo
    2. Gollum
    3. A lovely non-white woman (seriously, I want more diversity in this game anyway)
    4. Someone in a wheelchair
    5. A literal fairy
    6. Jane from Tarzan
    7. Your half-vampire half-werewolf OC from your middle school fanfics
    8. A dog on its hind legs
    9. Three toddlers in a trenchcoat
    10. Harry fricking Potter
    11. An anime catgirl
    12. One of those guys holding a "free hugs" sign at a comic con
    13. A gutterpunk with a shaved head
    14. Princess Peach
    15. A dragon
    16. A really ripped butch woman
    17. A talking unicorn
    18. Slenderman
    You get the idea. Whoever can make me a non-Marnie Marnie (the name change is the MOST IMPORTANT PART, idk if it's even possible honestly) has my undying gratitude, and I'll probably feature your mod in a stream and/or video. <3 BONUS POINTS if you alter her to be queer-presenting in some way. Thanks to anyone who read this and have a great day!

    Tl;dr Marnie triggers me and I want her to LEAVE my valley FOREVER because I'm a spiteful little snowflake
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    • Roskii Heiral

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      I recommend the marnie from Dewmetrius Valley will definitely expunge all your worries
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      • Elrohir_of_Rivendell

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        Hey! So as far as portraits go, you can surf the forum and find one you like, and just change the portrait / sprite name to marnie.xnb before putting it in your portrait / characters folder (which you probably already know since it sounds like you enjoy modding your game), If Daeranilen's portrait is still to similar for comfort, you could do an entire portrait overhaul with a different style (like, or whatever you like) or, if you weren't kidding about Gandalf etc., (the idea of Gandalf and Lewis being secret lovers is kinda funny--> you should be saving middle-earth darn-it!!)

        That being said, I'm not a modder (at all), but i did some searching to see if it is even possible to change npc names, and got kind of conflicting information. Basically, some of the data concerning character names is hard-coded for various reasons (events, stability, etc.), and some of it can be changed, although various people have reported crashing games upon changing npc names. There is a way to change how their name shows up in their portrait and social menu, which i'll link:, but as far as I can discern (like I said, modding makes NO sense to me...) editing dialogue is much harder. If you want to give it a go, there is this:, which someone linked.

        If that is way to difficult (again, I have no clue), I hope someone with modding experience will help you! hopefully I'm not leading you astray into game-crashing territory... if you try this, seriously back up your game first. sorry for the big text-field!
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        • gamerfluid

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          Aaaah, thank you all so much! I wasn't expecting multiple responses if any, haha, but this was really helpful! It didn't occur to me to use retextures for other characters and just rename them, so I did try it with your link @Elrohir_of_Rivendell and it (mostly) works! I went with Gollum because it made me laugh so hard to see him in the game, though he glitches when he walks certain directions. I even unpacked & edited files for the first time and changed her name to a random placeholder name, 'Debra' for now :p
          Thank you folks SO much for responding and giving me ideas! I love all these mods! <3

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            Oh, I meant to post one of "Debra" at her counter!

            • Elrohir_of_Rivendell

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              I'm glad it worked! If anything, Gollum (or 'debra') should make the game more fun, it's pretty hilarious to see him selling livestock.
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