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RELEASED RenTek: Reni's Armory (Discontinued) v1.5.1 Spirited Giraffe

Add Another Set of Unique Equipment to your collection.

  1. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot


    [​IMG]Welcome To The RenTek Corporation Ministry of Technological Equipment Development, Science and Research Facility.

    Greetings Traveller, i am known as "Reni The Arms Dealer" but just call me Reni and i am the Head of Research, Science, Development and the Equipment Quartermaster of the RenTek Corporation, breaking 4th wall for a moment, i am the Mod's featured mascot, and a proud Avali, you can find me on the Starbound forums under the name "RenTek: Reni", the Rights of my character were handed over from Dilrax to a well Trusted Friend who play's my part and assist's with the Mod, how ever Dilrax is the mods original Creator thus why it is in his name, now back to where we left off, and while youre here i will also be your Tour Guide while you Visit our Facility, Apart from me the only other current resident in the Facility is Dilrax, who is the Chief Engineer of the Weapon and Equipment Departments.

    i will give you a brief summery of system we reside in as well as about the RenTek Facility and housing Station.

    The "brief Summery":
    Located in a Mineral and Metal Rich System located in the Alphois Star System, the RenTek corporation Facility was set up in Path of a Universal Trade Route and Data Highway which Passes Through the Star System, this not only offers an abundance of fresh and new materials but serves as a resting station and fuel deport for trade and passing Ships, the material rich planets which orbit around a Frozen Star, though the possibility of a frozen star or 'hypothetical star' actually existing are unknown this does mean such a star could actually exist but finding one might be like in and a trillion chance due to the vastness of space and its limitless possibility's, but due to this rare find of ours this system provide's a rich means of resource's to Trade in return and effectively establish a form of economy for the system as well as being unique.
    because of this Science, Research and the development of weapons, instruments, General Equipment and ship supply's have been able to arise and prosper allowing creation of unique technology as well as the reconstruction and creation of ones that do exist for every day use, how ever each task requires sufficient time due to the cold climate of the system due to the lifeless existence of any natural form of heat, all though there is a form of light that is generated there is no heat generation thus creating a "Frozen Star System".

    Due to this the Avali Known as "Reni" is generally the only sole Worker in the RenTek Corporation who operates 24-7 due to his naturally high cold tolerance and resistance, this is also his Established Business, my work sets me about the average of three human days over the time span of one human week, the RenTek Facility how ever is a large Warehouse like Structure with Fitted Hangers and engineering Bays for visiting ships, the Facility can hold 15 Standard sized Ships and up to 5 Capitol Sized Vessels all at once, the Facility is also Equipped with Thermal Energy Generators for Human and Similar Race's which can not survive in the cold giving them a chance at work and a place to live and or rest, the Facility can care for a maximum of 100 People with large indoor Greenhouse's for the growing of Fruits and vegetables as well as smaller buildings for the care of farm type animals, the remaining 40% of the Facility is dedicated to the Research, Science and Development of Equipment and materials, Security systems of the Facility are all Automated and constructed of some kind of unknown unique technology just as the original remains of the facility are of some unknown Race which was found and built upon by the RenTek Corporation.

    [​IMG] Hey there and Welcome, im Dilrax, and i generally handle the Communication Relays, Robotics Facility, the Facility Central Core Command/Systems and the Station its self apart from over seeing and checking the Sub Systems and programming of Our available equipment, i guess you could say im the heart of the Station and Facility, apart from being the mods Original creator, to which reni, at the time the Avali Race came about, was my character at the time of starting the mod, to which later on as things started to get bigger at the release of newer weapons, i enlisted the help of a friend of mine who also wanted to play the part of Reni, him and i both being RolePlayer's at heart as a small time hobby, i thought why not, and that brings us to where we are now really, haha, its a bit of a boring story but that's all there is to it, anyhow moving back on track...

    Weapon Research and Development
    Known for the unique Nature of the Weapon's Designed and Created, the RenTek corporation is still Widely unknown though out the systems but with high hopes for the future we at in the RenTek Corporation are working to make better and more user Friendly Products free of charge to the Public and hope to Assist Travelling Space Captains and Adventure's with use of RenTek Technology, the RenTeK corporation is not Responsible for any black-market trades and deals which Place RenTek Technology in the hands of Pirates and factions and/or hostile groups, the RenTek corporation also does not take Responsibility of and Accidental Suicidal Death's Created by the Use of RenTek Technology and only Warn Customers and User's to Read and take note of the Weapons Details and Instructions to Insure that one does not Inflict Self harm by the Use of RenTek Technology, User's are also Warned to Not modify or Tinker around with the Primary and Sub Systems of RenTek created Technology to avoid Causing Fatal Accidents and/or the use them in small confined space's resulting in some amount of damage to ether a station, base or ships internal systems will be Met with the Comment Response of "We Told You So...".

    RenTek Products are as Proceeded:
    Crafting Facilitys:

    [​IMG] "For all your RenTek Needs!"
    [Build at Metalwork Station, Use the RenTek Station Holodisk to Obtain]
    The RenTek Armoury and Equipment Assisting and Material Synthesizer is an Auto Updating Craft Assistant Device that allows you to Craft, Construct and Synthesize any and all RenTek Equipment, with its Direct Link to the RenTek Development and Engineering Mainframe inside Reni's Lab, you should have no Problem Crafting the Equipment you Want as long as its not to Construct an artificial or Synthesized limb or organ if you happen to lose a limb or something from one of our weapons, you might be able to synthetically recreate and/or attach your limbs back on with the terminal but we really wouldn't advise it, it may not be fit for Avail, human and Alien Testing medical Testing...

    The Terminal comes in two Forms, Floor and Wall Type, though both Terminals are not required you can build one from the other but the one you use is up to you.
    [​IMG] "Build parts for your Weapons here"
    [Build at Armoury Printer]
    the Part Digiconstructor is your Goto Station for building weapon parts, these parts are then used at a Armory Equipment Synthesizer to Complete your Final Weapon, all parts are unlocked by Default and not in Tier's.
    [​IMG] "Lets keep up with the Updates!"
    [Build at Armoury Printer]
    The RenTek Reforge Station allows you to magically Reforge your Outdated Item into an Updated One, it runs on Magic so no one really knows how it works...
    [​IMG]"The kknowledge Base of RenTek Equipment"
    [Build at Armoury Printer]
    The RenTek Equipment Guide, is a digital Screen connected to the RenTek Engineering Mainframe, it will provide you with info cards on weapons and equipment as well as Codex Holo Disks Containing useful and background information which you can collect, Item Card's Requiring "Gallery Notes" are Not Obtainable and Do Nothing by Default Anyway.

    Weapons:Note: These weapons are Designed by smaller Corporations, Factions and Groups but are wll Manufactured Through and by the RenTek Corporation. (just go with it, sounds alot better this way)
    [​IMG] "I Can Do This All Day!"
    Designed by RenTek:

    The Vulcan Machine Gun, with its medium speed fire rate is a low damaging suppressive fire large two hand weapon acts more like a machine gun then a minigun, fitted with an equalizer to reduce usage costs, the Vulcan can deal a good amount of damage over long periods of time, the more energy you have the longer it can fire, user's are to be aware of the guns targeting systems which aims slightly lower then where aimed at.
    [​IMG]"Drop Dead, Eat Lead"
    Designed by RenTek:

    the Vulcan MK2 Mini Gun, is the Upgraded version of the normal Vulcan MG, acting more like a minigun with its very high rate of fire, the Vulcan MK2 can quickly destroy a target in a few short seconds, but at the cost of higher energy requirements the MK2 can not be used as long and does deplete its users energy supply quickly.

    [​IMG] "More Bang for your Bullets..."
    Designed by RenTek
    The Vulcan Type 2 is a QaudBarrel Rotary Machine gun that fires Explosive rounds, with a higher damage output but slower rate of fire then its previous Mk2 Variant, the T2 is far more superior in comparison, loaded with an materialisation Drive the T2 is able to generate, create and fire its own form of bullet how ever the T2 requires a source of energy to power its systems.

    [​IMG] "Charging.... CLEAR! *BZZT*"
    Designed by RenTek:

    though its not actually a Rifle its more of a Close Range Being Zapper, it generates high amounts of electrical energy and violently discharges every ounce of Charged energy it has in a short range arc in front of the weapon, anything caught in the Electrical Discharge will instantly die or be left barely alive.

    [​IMG] "Everybody Down Now!"
    Designed by RenTek:

    Antimatter Cannons employ sophisticated capacitors to dump enormous quantities of energy collected from Energy core's or conventional drives and often deplete the power source very quickly, this energy is dumped to flash heat the production chamber to extreme temperatures, creating an anti-hydrogen atom, the negatively charged atom is then packaged within a magnetic bottle and fired much like a plasma bolt only the resulting atomic-level annihilation upon impact with a body of sufficient mass to collapse the bubble results in a massive release of heat and gamma radiation inflicting ruinous damage how ever a form of containment system was built into the weapon which is capable of modifying the explosion radius of the projectile by controlling the released heat and gamma radiation.

    [​IMG] "Rip an Tear"!
    Designed by RenTek:
    The Hypersaw employs a very strange level of technology, almost requiring very little to no energy to function, though its appearance at first resembles a gun, the Hypersaw is actually far from it, by generating a solid holographic energy charged synthetic Chainsaw blade the Hypersaw becomes a up close and personal melee weapon, the holographic blade though solid is actually quite harmless but its the genius idea of crating a synthetic solid holographic blade charged with electrical energy and set in motion that makes it harmful, because as long as the holographic blade keeps moving or in this case, spinning, it will continue to cut away at anything it touches, though its more efficient against living matter and useless on materials it does have the ability to cut trees... you would have more impact using a stone axe in comparison how ever to cut down tree's, just dont go berserk on Huge enemy's who may or may not have Huge Guts...

    [​IMG]"Your looking in Alderaan place's if you want precision"
    Designed by RenTek:

    Code Named "Pandemonium" by etherealblade, The Pandemonium Orbital Ion Cannon or POIC for short, is truly a very destructive weapon, using a lazor designator to mark the target location by means of firing a signal flare of plasma particles, the target location is then Struck with a highly powerful projectiles of Pure Ion Energy which vaporises all neutral/hostile living things that come in to contact as well as leaving Ion particle orbs behind which explode a short time after, its requirements are very high and costly.

    [​IMG] "energy is cheap, Rockets are infinite"
    Designed by KazSystems
    the KazSystems Missile Launcher is a Rapid fire, anti-Personal Missile launcher which features an explosive but minor napalm ejection shell system around the launched Rocket, Rockets are very quickly auto generated and synthesised from energy inside the missile launcher by a nano-bot construction system, this unique trait and combination the Missile launcher has enables it to rapid fire rockets on the fly as long as it has some form of energy to operate on, should the launcher be deprived of some form of energy the nano-bots construct the rockets at a much slower pace, in short, a self sufficient infinite rocket firing battery powered missile launcher.

    [​IMG]"i love the smell of napalm in the morning."
    Designed by KazSystems:

    originally designed as a 4 shot missile launcher, the RocketPod just couldn't handle it, nether could those you tried to pick it up, but after a series of modifications, the Kaz RocketPod became a light weight usable Missile Launcher, armed with a Powerful, Napalm Split Missile, the Rocket splits ejecting its shell in different directions with explosive results further launching its Napalm Core further more, after travelling a short distance or on contact with something its Napalm Core explodes into a ring of fire setting the ground and anything alive near by on fire, if something survives a direct hit the chance's are its going to become very very crispy.

    "What else do you need to Know?"
    Designed by KazSystems:

    There is no information available on this weapon other than its project name.

    [​IMG] "Some people love to watch the world burn"
    Designed by KazSystems:
    The Cremator by Default is a Flamethower Type weapon with Short range and low damage, it quickly blankets anything in front of it with fire, the Cannon version of the Cremator Spits out a Ball of fire with Short to Long range and High Damage Making it useful for hitting out of reach targets, the components of the central frame simply lock into place by a simple twist system that is quite effective, travelling with it is far easier then you would expect because you can dismantle it and resemble it like blocks of lego for easy storage, though how this is possible and what kind of flammable fuel source it run on is not something you really care much about because as long as you supply its subsystems with power and it burns things to a crisp your happy..

    [​IMG]"Don't Fret, Boyo, i'll be gentle!"
    Designed by Nova Creations:

    the Nova Grenade launcher fires a plasma infused explosive that when detonated it released a powerful plasma explosion, the weapon its self can be fired multiple times at a slow rate of fire with a 4 second fuse time on the fired grenade, the grenade its self is able to bounce multiple times before its shell degrades and explodes, making it handy for 'trick shots' and shooting into small gaps.
    [​IMG]"Now This Is A Force To Be Reckoned With!"
    Designed by Nova Creations:

    the Nova Cannon is the Upgraded version of the Nova Grenade Launcher and excels its previous version in many ways how ever its projectile fuse time is greatly reduced as well as its energy cost requirement, with its projectile fired more like a gauss rifle then a grenade launcher, its projectile explodes on contact with anything it hits as well as exploding in mid air only a few short meters away from the point of origin, because of the power and force the plasma explosion continues to move, dealing a high level of damage to anything caught in is path.

    [​IMG] "FOURRRR!!!!"
    Designed by Nova Creations:

    a new high powered ballistic Explosive Propulsion weapon, based on the Nova Cannon, the Gauss Rifle far exceeds the Capability's the Nova Cannon could Deliver and constructed with its own design, the Gauss Cannon can launch its special Ballistic Explosive projectiles much further and faster then any weapon Currently built by RenTek, its designed to be a Ballistic equivalent to a Particle based Railgun.
    [​IMG] "Faster then the sound of you saying 'FOUR!' no really it is..."
    Designed by Nova Creations:
    fitted with a accelerator module to further boost its over all capability's the AC Gauss Rifle, hits alot harder, faster and further then its previous Design, equipped with its own metal case to cover the top, and finer but high capacity Energy generation Coils around the barrel, the AC Gauss Rifle not only is far more deadlier, its also less dangerous to wield because at least this time no one will accidentally be tearing there arm off and sending it flying through some monsters chest like it was a Railgun Projectile.

    [​IMG] "Forget the 'Winchester P94' i want this thing!"
    Designed by Atlas Energy:

    the Energy Cannon is Heavy shoulder mounted Bolt Launcher, firing small Bolts of Energy that when on contact erupt into a violent Pulse of energy Dealing low damage to anything caught in the area, the gun its self fires at a low/medium rate but with a high energy cost, due to its nature it makes it an effective crowd control weapon, its Bolts can Pierce Targets as well.

    [​IMG] "What kind of prototypes?"
    Designed by RenTek:

    the Atlas Energy felt it could be improved, and Reni Delivered, by super charging and compressing its Energy Generation systems, add a few molten Core's to the mix to spice things up and booster its output, replace its Energy Relay and Lazor lens and you get one Energy pumped angry cannon, now add a couple energy converters to stabilize and if your lucky you might not destroy your table, ether way if it works, you will be vaporizing things in no time with Plasma.

    [​IMG] "Ride the Wave Dude!"
    Designed by Pulser Munitions:

    The Wave Rifle is a Strange, Strange little gun, equipped with a high-powered wave magnifier connected directly into its Energy Core, the Pulser Wave Rifle is able to Discharge waves as it fires small beams of energy, the combination of the two elements make its end resulting projectiles quite unique in nature, how ever the exact knowledge and Energy output generated by the Pulser is unknown, making it a very unpredictable weapon with no exact reading on its capability's.
    [​IMG] "The Cutting Edge"
    Designed by Pulser Munitions:

    Upgraded using the same technology used to construct it in the first place the Pulsar Wave Cannon offers a higher output in its capability's, generating a much larger and wider projectile with its dual barrel system, but at a greater energy requirement, just like its previous version the wave cannon's Stats are unpredictable and could yield any result in what i can do.

    [​IMG] "Pew Pew Pew"
    Designed by Pulser Munitions:

    The Pion is a low level Duel wieldable Laser Pistol, based on the same Technology used in the Wave Rifle only smaller and more focused, despite its high rate of fire for a laser Pistol it is quite inaccurate over long range with little power behind each shot, how ever it makes up for the lack of power with its rate of fire and small size making it more useful as a back up or off hand duel weild weapon then a primary weapon.

    "You see this? This... is my boomstick! "
    Designed by Razor Ballistics:

    The Razor Shotgun, Is an Up-Close-And-Personal-Face-Punching brute with the ability to fire split-shot Shrapnel Slug's, this technique allows the Razor to deal high outputs of damage at close range and deal damage to multiple enemy's with medium damage at midrange where the bullets Split and scatter, although its not super powerful or energy efficient at first, its fire-rate at later times with its unique bullet spray make up for it.
    [​IMG] "For All You Personal Needs."
    Designed by Razor Ballistics:

    the Razor Blaster is an alternative version of the Razor Shotgun, the addition of a lazor sight and Red dot site added to the body work, charged with particle energy, the Razor Blaster Fires bolts of Energy with a higher damage output and longer life time, the Energy bolts still split but into two more accurate projectiles reducing the explosive spray.

    Note: These weapons are the Exact Icon Size In-game, how ever the Held Weapon's appearance may be slightly different, this List is also Incomplete.

    [​IMG] The LSR
    The LSR or Land Shark Rifle, even though its more of a Launcher, is a very very strange weapon, its best suited with the jaws theme when used, the weapon its self is very very harmless, the Shark... not so much, just don't let them nibble your feet, they like feet. (to be released in the future at its own time).

    [​IMG] The RenTek Craft
    The RenTek Craft is a small 1 person Scout Craft, although not Obtainable (yet), the original plan was for it to play a part in first obtaining the RenTek Armory mod Crafting station, due to the required scripting for this to happen it has not been included as work on the event has stopped, it may how ever be used as part of a weapon effect.

    [​IMG] Vanity Armor
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Current progress on body class Vanity armor has been paused due to the work being done on the weapons, how ever the completed goggles will still be added in at some point after a few minor modifications.

    [​IMG] The Wave Cannon.
    looking much like some strange silver weaponised Speaker, the Wave cannon attack's using sound waves, though its actually quite harmless on its own, it was decided that it could be improved, so we added a couple more Energy Core's to it and now if it doesn't make ear's bleed then heads are going to start popping!.

    [​IMG] The Holy Hand Grenade
    it's a hallelujah of a thing, a unique and super rare relic that possess great power, but with great power comes great responsibility, but its totally worth it, because nothing says "Bless this, O Lord, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy." better then a a Holy Hand Grenade, but just remember, "First thou pullest the Holy Pin. Then thou must count to three. Three shall be the number of the counting and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither shalt thou count two, excepting that thou then proceedeth to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the number of the counting, be reached, then lobbest thou the Holy Hand Grenade in the direction of thine foe, who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it."

    [​IMG] Razor Energy Cannon.
    Take one already Existing Energy Razor and stick a large flat head Face on the end, add a few more Sub Systems and reroute the Energy Pipe, Stick a lazer Lens in front of the generator output and pump more energy though the body of the gun all at once focusing it to a single point and your get FRIKKEN LAZOR BEAMS!!!...

    Other Notes:
    > were open to feed back. :D

    > we are still relatively new to modding things in starbound, as well as modding in general.

    > a couple weapons might have an issue or two which may need fixing, please be patient we are trying our best, so sorry about that.

    > extra (minor) content will take time, expect 1-4 days minimum, 1 month or longer (major) before anything is added, we like to test and modify things alot until one of us is satisfied that its working fine enough, small modifications might be made to it later on to improve or clean up any possible remaining problems.

    > i'll try to keep an update on progress of things when i can and there is an update.

    > The Mod's Character "Reni" is was originally based of Dirax's Starbound Character From a Previous version of the Mod Race nd Starbound Build, The Race Used is the "Avali" from the Avali Race Mod by RyuujinZERO, Reni also has a Starbound account and his own persona/user now to speak for him.

    > Current Mod team is only 2 People.

    > Besure to Read the Update Post's as they do have Discussion about Each update and other ongoing matters Related to the Mod, they are also Introduced through in character Role-play Means.

    > If anyone plans on doing a YouTube Video Mod Review, of this, notify me (Dilrax) before hand, i will give you a link to download the "Creator-Modhack Station" enabling free weapon crafting and Before Release New Weapon access, i will also include any WIP Weapons yet to be released.

    When Posting an Error Report:

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  2. Dilrax

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  3. phoenixoke

    phoenixoke Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Conflict with MMNGUN, wonder what's causing this ?
  4. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    MMNGUN? hmm... nothing that i can think of with that name, can you be more specific? if its from your starbound log file, post the error line.
  5. phoenixoke

    phoenixoke Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Never mind, seems like everything in place. A very nice mod indeed :love:, haven't tested further :p .

    BTW, MMNgun refers to MMN Ammo overhaul and the mod incompatibilities reported by the mod manager. ;)
  6. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    ah well in that case, its probably just the mod manager and/or another mod with weapons with the error if not conflicting mods, i have not used a mod manager my self as i just find it easier to drag and drop into the mod folder, also makes it easier to rummage through my own files as iv been doing for the last... 20 hours :coffee:, and i appreciate the comment :D.
  7. etherealblade

    etherealblade Phantasmal Quasar

    So I thought of a nickname for that unnamed gun. Call it as it is...The Randomizer....too plane?
    How about:
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  8. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    oh i like the sound of that... its got a nice ring to it and it sounds very destructive...

    Edit: also its official now Code Named "pandemonium".
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  9. Dilrax

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    Dilrax updated Reni's Armory with a new update entry:

    New Toy's, Modifications and Magic.

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  10. Dilrax

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    Dilrax updated Reni's Armory with a new update entry:

    Furious Reni, Not Koala.

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. Gratuitous Lurking

    Gratuitous Lurking Space Kumquat

    Nom nom delicious lowtier fun tiem :3

    One thing I got a question though- what's up with the recipes that essentially is crafting one weapon into itself?
  12. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    the crafting of a weapon for the exact same weapon is for update and weapon tweaking purpose's between each update should something about a weapon be changed of course should something be changed in an update, details will be listed, this also allows you to "Reforge/recraft" the weapon to an updated version for free as long as you have the weapon in the first place rather then having to remake the weapon, not gonna let you guy's get away with free weapons now :p, but its especially useful in case's of the upgrade versions like the Vulcan MK2 for example and especially effective and useful with the Pandemonium Orbital ion cannon which is super costly to build as well as requirements to needed to obtain a few of its needed crafting items.
  13. Gratuitous Lurking

    Gratuitous Lurking Space Kumquat

    Ah, I see I see. So basically if, say, ya change a projectile graphic you can easily convert it. Me likey.
  14. Dilrax

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    yeah, any changes i make to any item or weapon, you will have the ability to update it to the current version for free, the only catch is you have to have it in the first place. Edit} Just like say with the mod, something changes i update the mod, you guys can download the mod and all changes + extras added are ready to use, its kinda like that just with individual items...
    i had it all once written on the main page but i mist have accidentally removed it so i just typed it all back up with a better example, if your still slightly confused in an area or two or just perhaps interested to read a little more.
  15. phoenixoke

    phoenixoke Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    seems there is a minor bug i have spotted, this time the culprit was NovaCNade.projectile which have a wrong reference to "NovanCadeicon.png", should be NovaCnadeicon.png

    I will send to the log via interstellar data transfer to you. ;)


    Error: Could not load /projectiles/gun/novacprojectiles/NovanCadeicon.png asset, attempting to use default.
    AssetException: No such asset '/projectiles/gun/novacprojectiles/NovanCadeicon.png'
    00512A50 starbound_opengl.exe
    00518084 starbound_opengl.exe

    and blah blah..

    hope it's useful for your next gorgeous version..
  16. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    huh... to me it seeks entirely something else and yet worked? interesting, still, the NovaCnade is the Nova Cannon Grenade projectile, the error line you have there reads NovanCade, the difference is the other way around eg "n" after the C not C then "n", oddly i Havant modified the gun since its release (because i test and modify the crap out of each thing i make untill im satisfied with the result) and appears to have worked fine in the previous Angry koala version (i backed up the game folder before the update so now i have both versions, all hail previous angry koala for easier modding and resource reasons), so im unsure how that changed and what changed it, my thoughts would be the version change up, i also Havant actually used the Nova Cannon in the FK update ^^;

    not to spread any spoilers but as for the "next gorgeous version..." though im flattered by the comment i must say :D, it might be "awesome" not gorgeous, haha, got some big plans and half of them will depend on if i can pull them off also hence the longer time taken, also i'll add the Nova cannon Fix into the next update which will include the Crafting station which totally works in Angry koala just not Furious Reni *coughs* i mean koala...

    Edit: though you just gave me a really really good idea for the next update name... :rofl:
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  17. Dilrax

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    Dilrax updated Reni's Armory with a new update entry:

    Before That Next Gorgeous Version.

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  18. Cider

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    I think Version Version 1.2.2 is a nice addition :p good to have an armory printer
  19. Sharksax

    Sharksax Intergalactic Tourist

    Just wondering is the updated version of the weapons suppose to have better specs, because all the updated weapons seem to have the same specs of the weapon being updated?
  20. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    in the printer you will find two set's of weapons, one that will require materials, and the other will require the same gun, the difference there is the first one is the actual gun and the other is the "reforge" explained on the first page, typically they are the same item/gun so it will all have the same stats/specs, any modifications to them will be auto-updated by the game upon loading, only the weapon your holding wont change, for example, if i changed the appearance of the vulcan, the crafting list will show the updated change of apperance, but the one your holding wont change, in order for your's to change, you would (normaly) dump it and build a new one, but instead (using my Reforge idea) you can just "re-craft" it by using your gun as the required crafting item you simply just build a new one, dont worry item ID's wont change so you would never have to dump and build something to get an updated version.

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