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  1. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Supernova


    That is the answer. Why WOULDN'T we want explosions?

    They're like bow ties... They're cool.
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  2. Lodish

    Lodish Black Hole Surfer

    Not to mention fezzes.
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  3. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Supernova

    Funny idea: Fez Gun.
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  4. baconsama25

    baconsama25 Cosmic Narwhal

    That was the most brilliant thing of the day for many days, congrats.
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  5. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    yes... Yes you have to... Lol

    I think I can actually do that... And Not just shoot a fez...
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  6. Ocen Gren

    Ocen Gren Void-Bound Voyager

    Is this still being updated? I had this mod ages ago and it would be nice to be able to play it again with the new versions of Starbound.
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  7. Toa_Derax

    Toa_Derax Pangalactic Porcupine

    I think so, although progress updates are rare, so i'm not entirely sure.
  8. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    apologies for the week late response, forgot to check in on the forums here like i usually do, but yeah, im still around, just a "dry spell" again, almost every main update for starbound seems to break something in the mod, i have a somewhat working version that's very unfinished, couldn't tell you what even works and what doesn't in that but for the most part i'v mostly just been working on sprites when ever an idea comes to mind as there's not alot i can do in starbound regarding testing due to system requirements exceeding that of which my laptop is able to to properly handle, i have heard that has been fixed somewhat and that the game runs smoother now then it did before.

    if and when ever i get things finally all sorted out, i still plan to post the mod to the forums here long before steam.
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  9. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    kemono was and is my goto for when not using my mod and just playing the game for once and with friends, its very much the same 'outdated', but at least they still work as intended... ^^;

    save for the mech stuff... That's an easy little patch, sooo many new things to look at, play around with if I can, which reminds me: I need to add that same fix to the added race in the armory here because Mechs are now a thing...

    ahh what the heck, if you have an outdated Race, like say the sergals, that have issues with the mechs, such as spawning down in a mech causes errors or crashing, due to things like probably having no animation fileset, I could probably fix that, might as well offer seeing as starbound is back to being playable for me.
  10. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    the .patch system is probably by far the best thing ever at point in time, kinda surprised no one yet has made a single compatibility mod that contains things like the mech animation files, for various outdated race mods, could have it all in one single file that would just run and work in the background if you have one of those race mods... i know the Frakin-Race's mod does something similar where it use's a series of patch files to add racial stats and perks to a vast amount of race mods, so that would work...

    which reminds me, i think iv mentioned once before in the past but the armory has a in the works race, with integrated racial stats and perks, regardless if you have the Frakin-Race's mod or not, such as higher base hp, -5% jump height, +5% more fall damage, ect... and theirs been no compatibility issues between the armory and FU-R with that because its all .patch files, but that's just a specific set of stat files... but there's still a few things in the mod that need to be fixed so it actually loads into starbound, the npc file i had is apparently one crash cause...
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  11. Toa_Derax

    Toa_Derax Pangalactic Porcupine

    Actually, someone has made a mod that patches most of the outdated races. Unfortunately, it doesn't apply to anything that isn't on the Steam Workshop. :seriously:
  12. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    oh, there is? huh guess i missed it when i last looked, but you could just find the resource by the starbound log file and unpack it, and add to it, like the good old days of modding before steam came around... i keep a few mods that don't need to be updated like 'xbawks character extender' in file form instead of as a steam download, so you could probably do the same with that one, would be handy for multi-race enabled servers come to think of it...
  13. Toa_Derax

    Toa_Derax Pangalactic Porcupine

    Here's a link to it. Do note that it's just for the Captain's chair and the Mech deploy animations.
  14. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    Captain's chair fix O-o ...wut? cant even think what even might cause an issue there... guess starbound broke alot more things then i had initially expected
  15. Toa_Derax

    Toa_Derax Pangalactic Porcupine

    Remember, they overhauled space travel in basically every way.
    The fix is only really needed if you actually use that race.
  16. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    i hadn't touched starbound since the major update before the overhaul... so at least sometime around august last year was the last time i launched starbound and did anything, it had been a few sprite and occasional item creation, mostly just generic non-mod item scripting with/without testing a couple times inbetween just inside the ship hull since then, found a i have a nack for messing around with ingame item and now NPC parameters with out needing to make it an external file... but yeah i have no idea when the rest of these things like the terraformers, space over haul and mechs came into play, its all but recently 2 days new to me, had the occasional word about something starbound related from Zancuno but that was mostly to do with his work over on the unofficial lucario race mod updates, except for word about an update that made starbound run better which is kinda a god send for both me and him, still, 6-12fps at best is manageable... but better would be nice...
  17. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    soo... one of the thing's iv been doing when doing little mod wise, was the occasional... Custom Script, by custom script i mean a JSON Parameter script (or code) to be used ingame... what do i mean by "Parameters" and "Script", the parameters are the governing lines of code that... modify, change and construct what ever [Subject Thing] is and make it into what ever it is i want... an easy one is Name colors for items... example: [ "name":"^#CA33FF;Blitz ] this would make "Subject Named" Blitz, looks like this Blitz, though its kinda a deeper purple ingame...

    a better example of this like say... the complete script my modified Fennix buddy, named Blitz for example looks like this, (feel free to use and spawn in your own games, acts like a guard, is instant Capture with capture pod):

    /spawnmonster fennix 9 '{"shortdescription" : "^#CA33FF;Blitz^return;","behaviorConfig":{"hostileActions":[{"name":"action-fire","cooldown":3.0,"parameters":{"requireLineOfSight":true,"maxYRange":8,"maximumRange":15,"minimumRange":2,"windupState":"firewindup","windupTime":0.2,"projectileType":"flame","power":20,"fireOffset":[1,0.35],"projectileCount":8,"projectileInterval":0.01,"aimDirection":[1,0],"aimAtTarget":false,"fireSound":"fire","fireState":"fire","statusEffects":["burning"],"blockingEffects":["fireStatusImmunity","lavaImmunity","fireimmunity"],"winddownState":"","winddownTime":0.2}}]},"statusSettings":{"stats":{"powerMultiplier":{"baseValue":2.0},"maxHealth":{"baseValue":200},"protection":{"baseValue":25.0}}},"movementSettings":{"walkSpeed":6,"runSpeed":9},"damageTeamType":"friendly","capturable":true,"captureHealthFraction":1.50,"capturedMonsterName":"^#CA33FF;Blitz^return;","description":"Blitz is a Well Trained Fennix but has a habit of setting everything else on fire.","nametagColor":[202,51,255]}'
    unfortunately at this time... Blitz cause's a bit of lag... soo i'll have to sort him out some time... but i mean... this isnt just limited to Monsters... oh no, i can do items like the stats, names, appearance and perks of weapons and armor, here's a Bow i like playing around with, really handy with... well just about anything...
    /spawnitem aegisaltbow 3 '{"level" : 3,"energyUsage":10.0,"shortdescription" : "^purple;Hunters Void Bow^return;","description" : "The Void Bow Brings out the Hunter in all.","primaryAbilityType" : "bowshot","primaryAbility" : {"drawSpeedMultiplier" : "constant","projectileType" : "energyarrow","powerProjectileType" :"chargedenergyarrow","projectileParameters" : {"power" : 6.5,"actionOnReap" : [{"action" : "projectile","type" : "forcecage","fuzzAngle" : 0,"inheritDamageFactor":0,"angleAdjust" :0,"timetolive":10}]}},"altAbilityType" : "bowshot","altAbility" : {"name" : "Chaos Arrow","energyPerShot" : 100,"drawSpeedMultiplier" : "constant","projectileType" : "energyarrow","powerProjectileType" : "energyarrow","projectileParameters" : {"power" : 10,"speed" : 100,"actionOnReap" : [{"action" : "projectile","type" : "chargedenergyarrow","angleAdjust" : -50,"inheritDamageFactor" : 0.2,"inheritSpeedFactor" : 1,"actionOnReap" : [{"action" : "projectile","type" : "forcecage","fuzzAngle" : 0,"inheritDamageFactor" : 0,"angleAdjust" : 0}]},{"action" : "projectile","type" : "chargedenergyarrow","angleAdjust" : -25,"inheritDamageFactor" : 0.2,"inheritSpeedFactor" : 1,"actionOnReap" : [{"action" : "projectile","type" : "forcecage","fuzzAngle" : 0,"inheritDamageFactor" : 0,"angleAdjust" : 0}]},{"action" : "projectile","type" : "chargedenergyarrow","angleAdjust" : 0,"inheritDamageFactor" : 0.2,"inheritSpeedFactor" : 1,"actionOnReap" : [{"action" : "projectile","type" : "forcecage","fuzzAngle" : 0,"inheritDamageFactor" : 0,"angleAdjust" : 0}]},{"action" : "projectile","type" : "chargedenergyarrow","angleAdjust" : 25,"inheritDamageFactor" : 0.2,"inheritSpeedFactor" : 1,"actionOnReap" : [{"action" : "projectile","type" : "forcecage","fuzzAngle" : 0,"inheritDamageFactor" : 0,"angleAdjust" : 0}]},{"action" : "projectile","type" : "chargedenergyarrow","angleAdjust" : 50,"inheritDamageFactor" : 0.2,"inheritSpeedFactor" : 1,"actionOnReap" : [{"action" : "projectile","type" : "forcecage","fuzzAngle" : 0,"inheritDamageFactor" : 0,"angleAdjust" : 0}]}]}}}'
    change what food does and is, who would have though that Bombs could be so tasty?, objects from light colors to invisible door's or just making random wall decor solid objects to climb over, both Fun gag's to play on friends :p and now... NPC's! this is just awesome...

    anyhow... seeing as i wont be putting out the mod anytime soon, have no idea when or even if, probably will some time, i thought... maybe you guys might like to... i don't know... fight a Creation of mine? no wait... A Boss!, yeah that sounds better, so just to clarify, iv got an NPC Spawner Script here, its about 4749 columns/characters long, ya its fairly big, though i dont think they will say any of the custom lines... working on that, so the idea here is Simple.

    if you want to Try your luck and fight probably the hardest "Mini-Boss" around, a Bandit Called "Ned" (he puts regular normal bosses to shame, lol), then all you have to do is Copy the code below and Paste it into your ingame chat after you Toggle Admin mode On, for those unsure of how to activate Admin mode, open your ingame chat [Enter] and type /admin, then press [Enter] again.

    This JSON Parameter Script will give you an NPC Spawner Object, Please take Note that there is some Rule's to this object and its Use.

    • -Do not Place Spawner inside your Ship, or anyone's Ship, (Because you cant Die then unless Ship protection is Disabled)
    • -Do not Place Near Spawn Zones. (place some distance away from a Spawn/Warp Point to avoid "spawn killing"
    • -If your Ignoring the above and placing it near your Beam down point on a planet, Break line of sight with the Spawner, Via a Wall.
    • -To Trigger the Spawner, Break Line of sight with the Object, Ether beam up to your Ship or make sure its off Screen.
    • -Mech's are ill Advised, (Trust me... it will not help being a Bigger Target.)
    • -Be Immediately Prepared! and On Foot! (This NPC Does Not Stuff around the moment it Spots you.)
    • -Disable Admin Mode (Disable it and Be Legit, you Cheat!)
    • -Survive!
    Your Challenge Awaits... Copy the Text and paste into game chat to spawn, my only advice... Good Luck!
    /spawnitem spawnerwizard 1 '{"shortdescription":"^yellow;Dilraxs Challenge Spawner","retainObjectParametersInItem": true, "level":15,"description":"Place this spawner down then leave the area and return, Do Not Place on Ships or near SpawnZones!, Good Luck Spacer.","spawner":{"npcTypeOptions":["bandit"],"npcSpeciesOptions":["human"],"npcParameterOptions":[{"npcname": "^#ff8000;> Ned","baseParameters":{"statusSettings" : {"statusProperties" : {"targetMaterialKind" : "robotic"},"stats" : {"knockbackStunTime" : {"baseValue" : 0.35},"knockbackThreshold" : { "baseValue" : 100},"maxHealth" : {"baseValue" : 300},"lavaImmunity" : {"baseValue" : 1.0},"fireResistance" : {"baseValue" : 0.5},"fireStatusImmunity" : {"baseValue" : 1.0},"iceResistance" : {"baseValue" : 0.3},"iceStatusImmunity" : {"baseValue" : 1.0},"electricResistance" : {"baseValue" : -0.3},"electricStatusImmunity" : {"baseValue" : 1.0},"poisonResistance" : {"baseValue" : 1.0},"poisonStatusImmunity":{"baseValue" : 1.0}}}},"identity":{"facialHairType":"","facialHairGroup":"","personalityArmOffset":[0,0],"hairType":"male3","bodyDirectives":"?replace;B3B3BA=8A6B4F;C8783C=704B2A;B46428=563A20;F8F5F8=D2B075;E3E4E4=A9874C;796783=4F3418;91868D=6B4833?saturation=10","personalityArmIdle":"idle.3","gender":"male","personalityHeadOffset":[-1,0],"color":[255,255,255],"hairGroup":"hair","facialMaskDirectives":"","personalityIdle":"idle.3","species":"human","facialMaskGroup":"mimi","name":"Charlie","facialHairDirectives":"","emoteDirectives":"?replace;B3B3BA=8A6B4F;C8783C=704B2A;B46428=563A20;F8F5F8=D2B075;E3E4E4=A9874C;796783=4F3418;91868D=6B4833","hairDirectives":"?replace;735e3a=484141;482c0f=3b3029;d9c189=9b9894;f5e3c1=c8c4c4;a38d59=797575","facialMaskType":""},"items":{"override":[[0,[{"primary":[{"parameters":{"category":"pistol","rarity":"Rare","twoHanded":true,"shortdescription":"^yellow;K-51 PlayeBane","reinforceLevel":0,"level":1,"elementalType":"poison","animationPartVariants":{"middle":17,"barrel":11,"butt":20},"tooltipFields":{"reinforceLabel":"+0"},"primaryAbility":{"projectileParameters":{"damageTeam":{"type":"enemy","team":2 },"statusEffects":["beamoutanddie"]},"inaccuracy":0.0,"fireTimeFactor":0.39626,"baseDpsFactor":0.0,"power" : 6.5,"energyUsageFactor":0.0}},"name":"rarepistol"}],"chest":[{"parameters":{"currentAugment":{"type":"back","displayName":"Health I","effects":["maxhealthboostaugment1"],"name":"health1","displayIcon":"/items/augments/back/healthaugment.png"},"directives":"","colorIndex":11},"name":"novatier6schest"}],"head":[{"parameters":{"currentAugment":{"type":"back","displayName":"Fire Resist","effects":["fireblockaugment"],"name":"fireblock","displayIcon":"/items/augments/back/fireblockaugment.png"},"statusEffects":[{"stat":"protection","amount":5}],"shortdescription":"Neds Helmet","tooltipKind":"baseaugment","acceptsAugmentType":"back","radioMessagesOnPickup":["pickupepp"]},"name":"apextier6shead"}],"legs":[{"parameters":{"currentAugment":{"type":"back","displayName":"Poison Resist","effects":["poisonblockaugment"],"name":"poisonblock","displayIcon":"/items/augments/back/poisonblockaugment.png"},"directives":"","colorIndex":11},"name":"novatier6spants"}]}]]]},"scriptConfig":{"dialog" : {"lostTarget": {"default": {"default": ["Its not over!","Come Back Here!","Come Back... would it help if i said Please?","Im going to Shoot Dilrax too when i see him next","your still around here... i can see you beyond that screen.","wait... is that it?","aww and i was just having fun...","Dammit Dilrax why didnt you give me something to stun them with!"]}},"outOfSight": {"default": {"default": ["Sneaky! This is sneaky! How did you disappear?","Hey! Come back here and just Die!","Get back here!","... WHAAAAaaaaaat!?","Ill just wait here then.","What Kind of Sorcery is this!?","GHA-! Witchcraft! Dam them...","Stupid Line of sight!"]}},"cantReach": {"default": {"default": ["Get over here!","Come here!","Get back here!","HEY! HEY! HEY!... Stop it... Stop.","well your no Fun...","Seriously...!?"]}},"reattack": {"default": {"default": ["Just Die All ready!","Done Crying have we?","Why Did you even run away in the first place?","Round Two! FIGHT!","why wont you just Die already!","Quit running off and just let me shoot you!","Back for more, Eh?"]}},"attack" : {"default" : {"default" : ["Attack!"]},"human" : {"default" : ["Another Corpse for the Pile!","Ready to Die, Spacer?","a boom boom boom a bang bang bang","Send Dilrax My Regards!","Show me what youve Got!","NO MERCY!","Careful Now! all i need is one good Shot!","You Think you can take me down?","You Cant Bring Me Down!","Your Move... Creep!","Roll For Inititive! Just Kidding Die!","Be Good and just stand there while i kill you"]}}}},"searchRadius":20}]}}'
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  18. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    soo... i was looking into doing a couple things with LUA scripts... ontop of trying to do a complete repair to the mod so that it loads with out an error on load up... -Stupid Broken AI- ... *sighs* ehh well... bugger the LUA... im ether going to need to look into some really good tutor lessons... which i doubt would change much at all... or find someone who knows what their doing that's more then willing to help out and write up some stuff... i for one sure as hell lack the understanding to make anything worse... or sense of anything... the disadvantage of being "rusty" with already very limited and basic understanding in the first place... x-x soo i wont be making anything all too flashy any time soon... LUA seems to be the way to go with most weapons these days to make the stuff clean and/or "badass"... at least effect or visual wise...

    im also not willing to try even writing or editing something in hope it will work and then ask for help making it work, last time i did that, even for json code i got the run around with unhelpful examples of how it should be formatted and look rather then what needs to be done, added and changed to make it work... still never got that LSR AI to work... but its also not a dead Concept ether... i'll fix it... one day... just like the Pandemonium...
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  19. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    that's pretty much me from the very start of the mod to now... well as long as its with in pre-defined parameters... had been a while since iv actually written anything new with just json.
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  20. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

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