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    Thanks to some help, it has been figured out and I will shortly be starting to make random stuff with this!
    So this thread can now be closed and/or removed!

    The old post/question I had is in the spoiler tag below!

    So, I have been thinking about this for a while but because I'm scared of fucking up my game I wanted to ask if anybody knows if this will/could work first!

    Maru has 2 different sprites. The normal one and the special one as a nurse that only shows in the Hospital.
    When editing the hospital in the map editor (I use tIDE don't know if there is another one) and you click on the "Map properties" button:
    you can then see that there are special options enabled for this map called "UniqueSprite" and "UniquePortrait" both with the value "Maru":

    I was wondering if we (by which I mean the modding community) know if we can add this to other maps and make our own extra sprites for people which only show on specific maps?

    An idea I had for example was to make Sebastian walk around in his pyjamas when he's home because he kinda just sits behind his pc anyway and a couple other things like that.
    Anyway, let me know if this is a thing that someone has already tested or if I'm gonna have to be the first to try!

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