Relationship Resentment

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by G1ggl3K1tt3n, Nov 14, 2016.

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    So it goes without saying I'm head over heels for this game. But When it comes to the dating/relationship aspect I have all kinds of distain.
    I get the 10 Hearts for fellow villagers, but with the way the bachelors are setup I get resentful. I have seen many posts indicating others ideas and I've seen many great ones.
    Such as leaving all 10 Hearts accessible though without giving a bouquet there would be no romantic relationship. Once a bouquet is given another 2 hearts open for dating and once married another 3, that seems wonderful.
    And if you won't make it so you can get 10 hearts platonically then at least have the bachelors lock in the 8 hearts so that it won't degrade after that point.
    The jealousy with characters I agree with because its realistic even if it isn't the prettiest part it is part of relationships.
    Also maybe, once a week date night with your partner. Something to indicate your together as opposed to awkward roommates? And have them keep similar routines to when you chose them... not become a shut in!?

    Those are my thoughts. What are some of yours, it doesn't have to be dating wise just character interaction in general.
    • Borodin

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      The mod zDailyIncrease lets you halt relationship degradation, and also adjust the figures for relationship improvement over time--with or without conversation, or gifts.
      • Mr.Mudkipss

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        But they do keep a similar schedule!! Each of the Bachelor(ette)s have schedules after marriage!!
        • Xamerzan

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          Something that I'd like to see is our spouse actually moving about the farm instead of staying inside nearly all the time. I don't think it'd be too hard for them to move about the farm, just as long as they recognize areas that they can access so they can wander the farm with no problems. They should be able to open gates and close them behind themselves and may go visit and interact with the animals on the farm (if you have any).

          Anyone who lives on a farm, at least from my perspective, doesn't just stay inside the house all the time. I mean sure our spouse can help out on the farm every once in awhile, but it doesn't feel like it'd be often enough to feel like a natural living situation. Maybe have it also you can give your spouse certain assignments to do around the farm (that become available at proper times), but if you do give them an assignment they won't do anything else and do what you assigned them far more often.
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            But don't walk into equipment get mad and "Delete" it...
            • amyhistoria

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              I honesty hope CA focus more on moral ethnics.

              It's not like, when you have all the money, you can buy everyone's heart, impregnate every girl in town and turn all children into doves.

              There are should be more opinions to you, for your behavior and words. You can't say mean words to everyone and gift them to max hearts.

              And you can't appease everyone without making their rivals satisfied with you, too.

              And all the implications of sexual themes, like truffle oil for lubrication and purple shorts left. When I post in steam community that the game should be teens or 17+, the thread got speedy deletion, and before that I was constantly called troll.

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