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  1. efgi

    efgi Void-Bound Voyager

    I've seen this mentioned in a couple of threads, but no dedicated threads. So I'd like to open the topic of the scar east of the river.

    When Joja moves out, the building is trashed, and yet we're considered to have fixed up the town? The next obvious step is to fix up the Joja Mart. There are many things that could be done with it.
    • A school. Penny, Jas, and Vincent would be happy. Plus the player's kids?
    • A new home for...
      • Governor's vacation spot (A timeshare? A new family every season?)
      • A new villager.
        • Perhaps from overseas?
      • An existing villager/change in family.
        • Penny, Sebastian, Maru, Shane, Alex, Abigail, etc.
        • Maybe two of them get married?
      • More than one of the above, as an apartment building or duplex.
    • A theater.
    • Some new antagonist sets up shop.
      • Rather than competition with Pierre, maybe they're polluting the river?
      • Or they're directly competing with the player somehow?
    I'm sure the community can come up with a plethora of suggestions. I just wanted to see a thread specifically about this. Obviously CA's got to make some decisions about what to focus on, cause he can't do it all, but I think just leaving Joja Mart in ruins makes the story feel incomplete.
    I'll turn it over to the rest of you now. A lot of these suggestions could get us wildly off topic, so let's try to keep it focused on what to do with the actual building.
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    • Fuzzyman

      Fuzzyman Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      I was thinking once the Joja closed then it would go up for sale and the owner (player) could have several possibilities.

      1. A public Aquarium. Shane and Sam could get jobs again. The player could craft aquarium glass (crystal glass) just like crystal floor etc. Maybe they'd need to get the recipe from Willy at 10 hearts?

      10 Crystal Glass plus 10 copper bars makes an aquarium that can hold so many fish
      using iron makes a bigger aquarium and so on.

      2. It could be another place the player can place aging barrels, a much bigger place

      3. It could be converted into an arboretum, again a job for villagers, but the player is in charge of planting, and beehives could be in doors

      creating new public buildings should get heart points with the entire village
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      • Fuzzyman

        Fuzzyman Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        If an apartment building as efgi suggests, maybe it would recruit a new villager, like once a season or once a year?
        • Silverbane7

          Silverbane7 Pangalactic Porcupine

          if it was going to be an apartment, it might be better to have it be more than one floor, and then some of the marrageables could move in there.
          like, if things were as some of us hope after a couple more updates (friendzone bracelets, help the marrage candidates marry eachother)
          we could get couples to move in there. or singles. like penny or sam ect.
          i think its probably easier for penny to teach the two kids in the library (for book learning) and then just take trips to the craft room in the comunity center (for art class and craft lessons lol)

          though a hotel might be good too, tourists can be flush, we could sell haleys pictures and leahs sculptures there and cloths and crafts ect
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          • cwiwci

            cwiwci Aquatic Astronaut

            What a cool idea! I like the thought of it becoming a school! :)
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            • jafred2015

              jafred2015 Void-Bound Voyager

              I'd put in the bid for the Governer's new vacation home as he alludes to during the Luau, and thus becoming a friendship-able villager, a school for Penny to educate Jas and Vincent, or an aquarium to stockpile fish for year-round fishing of any sort of non-unique fish and to display all your favorite catches in a single area.

              Only huge problem is this vastly supports the Community Center route over the JojaMart route, but I think that's what ConcernedApe was shooting for anyway.
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              • Fuzzyman

                Fuzzyman Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Unless one of the possibilities in the Joja route was to buy the warehouse and renovate it to the new building that otherwise could be the new building that was the Joja Mart in the Community route?

                With the Joja route, the community center / warehouse is a wasted building. With the Community route the defunct Joja Mart is a defunct building. It could be that either way the building is for sale. You buy it for say half a million gold and then go to Robin and pay her another half million along with 999 wood 999 stone (for the structure), 300 hardwood (floors and trim), 300 clay (Mortar) and 100 refined quartz (windows) then a week later she's done building the new Stardew (insert player's name here) Annex!

                It could be the same building, just in a different location depending on the game route
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                • VinchenzoJackal

                  VinchenzoJackal Big Damn Hero

                  I'd honestly like both routes to be good for the Player and Town.
                  With an end game scenario, if Joja Mart collapses, you could negotiate a peace state between Joja Mart and the local businesses, in which Joja Mart would be bound by contract to work with the local businesses rather than against them. Joja Mart would re-open, Shane could regain his job, but it'd be slightly better for all likely-hood, and Joja Mart would sell a slightly different stock than Pierre's while still offering affordable prices... that way both stores win.
                  Of course, old rivalries die hard, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Player, Mayor, and Governor, would be keeping the peace.
                  Plus, if the Community Center becomes a Warehouse, you could convince Joja Mart to instead renovate and re-open the building to serve a multi-purpose function. Morris would allow the Community Center to exist, but it would be influenced by Joja Mart, with a Joja Cola Vending Machine, Joja News TV, as well as one of the rooms continuing to function for the WarHouse purpose, filled with crates of JojaMart goods. The Aquarium, Pantry, etc would all be there, but the leaky Vending Machine, the noisy TV, and a room stocked full of crates, will permanently remind the player they originally sided with JojaMart first, for better, or for worse...
                  • LuthienNightwolf

                    LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

                    Personally I'd just like to tear the whole thing down and turn it into a nice park or something. Let Nature have the land back.

                    Maybe some new activities or collections could come into play that go along with this new park area, so that you'd have a reason to stop by every so often. Someone on another thread mentioned a whole new addition to the museum that would have the farmer looking for rare animals, insects, birds and plants, so maybe the new park would be a good place to start.
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                    • AureusWolf

                      AureusWolf Subatomic Cosmonaut

                      You remembered? Thanks for so much mentioning my post. <3<3<3<3<3
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                      • AureusWolf

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