Bug/Issue Random "Hated Item" Reaction with Alex

Discussion in 'Support' started by The Chimera Virus, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. The Chimera Virus

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    I had just given Sebastian a Quartz, which he likes but Alex despises. I'm positive I had no Quartz on me, but when I spoke to Alex when he was by the dog pen he acted like I'd given him Quartz! It cost me a heart with him! :( I'm kinda irritated as I was happy we'd gotten to a full heart together simply by talking.

    This occurred on Spring 14th by the dog pen, as previously mentioned. I'm playing as a male character. I'll try and replicate it and report back.

    EDIT: Couldn't replicate it. Weird. Oh well, doing things over was better in the long run, so I'm not complaining. Fantastic game!
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