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Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Dark-Grunt, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Dark-Grunt

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    You probably know it, many players would like some random events in the game. I am one of these players and I got many ideas that I want to share with you starbounders! So, here are my suggestions:
    • A group of pirates come on your planet and try to steal your things and kill you.
    • An adventurer come on your planet and build a base for himself
    • A meteorite crash somewhere on your planet
    • During the night, creepy monsters take place of the normal monsters.
    • A monster is trying to eat your crops
    • A lack of rain cause some vegetals to take fire
    • Two groups of Npcs are making a war
    • A village that was beautiful and well build is now destroyed due to a certain event (war,pirates)
    • A merchant is installing a temporary shop on your planet
    All of these would make a planet changing constantly, and that would give the game a lot more lifetime, since we would rediscover our planets when a event occur. And these are just some examples, there could be a lot more. I hope this thread was interresting! :poptop:
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  2. kazunenazumu

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    I'm totally agree with your suggestion, m8. if that were happens, that would increase my playtime, greatly.
    Random events would add more diversity, a surprise element to the game. i totally sure a lot of people would be curious, since anything could happen ! and there's more a reason to stay on the planet.
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  3. Dark-Grunt

    Dark-Grunt Void-Bound Voyager

    Totally agree with your reply ;)
  4. Yavga

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    Random events are a great reason to explore, thus furthering replay value.

    A thought I had was NPC's back at base also reacting to several event outcomes.
    An example would be killing all Avians from an Avian Tomb would trigger a message or such. Because many times
    did I wonder why I should bother defeating guardians of an instance (army base holds no importance whatsoever, empty crates all around)
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