Random Enemy/Friendly Ship Encounters

Discussion in 'Other' started by SpeedyChihuahua, Apr 15, 2018.

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    So as of now, the player ship feels like it's just a home or a place for crew to hang out. I think a nice addition to ships and to the variety of the game would be to add random enemy or friendly ships that have a chance of interrupting your space flight. I'm talking space fights with more than just mechs. Imagine if you could equip weaponry and other gear, like shields or cloaking, to your ship. Then, while flying you bump into a pirate or something and need to fight their ship with your own. Crew could also have uses, like manning weapons or repairing damage (Right now crew feel kinda useless other than to buy things from so I decided to throw that in). The content in the game right now makes it seem like it wouldn't be that hard to add. There are already procedural ships, modular systems which could be redesigned for ships too, crew members and ship upgrades. The real tough part would be how to handle and make an entire combat system. Not to sure how to do it and still fit into the action-battle "theme" of Starbound, but I'm sure there would be a good way to do it. I REALLY hope this or at least something like it gets released in the future.

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