Race Racial bonuses for humans

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    So as many of you know, it is a planned feature to have armor grant racial bonuses when worn.

    For apex, it increases speed and jump height.
    For avians, it enables gliding.
    For florans, it converts sunlight into extra energy.
    For glitch, it allows you to mine faster.
    For humans, it increases inventory space, but was said it could be changed due to being "dull"
    For hylotls, it increases swimming speed.

    Since human racial bonuses seemed to be open for revision, I would like to pitch the suggestion of having it that the racial bonus grant them the ability to survive fatal hits with one hp with one of the following accompanying limitations:
    • Energy cost (likely a percentage of your total from around 50-100)
    • Cooldown time
    • Cannot be used again until health has been restored to full
    In a universe with endless possibilities, what makes humans unique?
    Based off of this; I figured that a tracking ability would be nigh-useless in practice, but one that shows off survivability would fit better.
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    I like this. I like this a lot.

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